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Case Study Video

Case study videos explores unique angles because it shares information to potential clients directly through the words and actions of current clients. The most widely used case study videos are testimonials and these are powerful for many reasons. You have organic responses instead of colder scripted ones, having said that we definitely do brief interviewees and steer the direction of the conversation by asking the right questions to secure relevant responses corresponding to the needs of the production. 

The responses we receive during these types of shoots are at times pure gold because they add an unforeseen use or value. Marketers at times are not completely in tune with what their selling and sometimes what you thought your service or product provided is just a small feature of a grander proposition.


I will use myself as an example, I recently installed an alarm system for my home and the explainer/promo video I saw online was highlighting the technology of the system, the speed at which it reacted to intrusion, and ease of use among other selling points. A different angle would be a case study video where you have genuine reactions about what users received through purchasing the system, in my case peace of mind.

There are angles in video marketing that should be used according to the situation or possibly in combination to make an overall stronger selling video or quite frankly highlight the true essence of what your selling. 

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