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Entertainment Video Productions

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

Video has been an essential part of entertainment since its invention. From picture shows to talkies and feature-length blockbuster productions, a video has always been used to surprise and delight audiences. Nothing has changed today, and if you have an entertainment project in the works, you will want the best team available to manage your project.


Entertainment projects can be more complicated than commercial and corporate video, involving special effects, original scripting, graphics, and stunts. Having a team of professional video experts on board will mean the difference between a dud and a knockout result. Whether you work in film, sports, news, TV, or music, we will have the skills to manage your entertainment projects.


We have a broad range of experience across multiple sectors of the entertainment industry. Our professional cameramen, editors, scriptwriters, and post-production specialists will structure, film, and produce your video to the highest industry standard. Choose our entertainment projects service if you want fast, professional, and creative video production.

Press Coverage


We are experts with documentary video footage. We can ensure your interview subjects feel comfortable and produce fascinating answers for your documentary. We will build your project from conception to structuring and through to post-production. Our documentaries draw the viewer in and make sense of real-life events. 

Concert Visuals

Concert visuals add another dimension to live shows, building on the performance with interactive and engaging visual stimulants. With concert visuals, you can create a show that is memorable for your audience members and will keep them talking about the experience for years to come. We know exactly what buttons to push to leave your audience awestruck. 


Creating succinct, but descriptive trailers can be a challenge. If you have a short or feature-length film that needs a trailer, we can apply our expertise to the task. We will pull together essential elements from your film, revealing enough to interest to viewers, and concealing just enough to leave them wanting more.


Promo videos

Need a promo video for your entertainment event? We will conceptualize, film and produce a video that sells. A promo video will give your event legitimacy and drum up excitement amongst fans both old and new. 

Music videos

We understand that music videos can be used to illustrate your music, giving it a new dimension, and using a visual language to expand on your theme. This is why we provide an expert entertainment project service for music videos. We will structure and develop a video that complements your performance perfectly, ensuring you have the perfect accompaniment for your music. 


Whether you want to produce a short film or feature production, we can help you get it off the ground. Our professional and experienced team can develop films from pre to post-production. 


We want to work closely with you to understand your needs, thinking creatively about the best way forward. When you work with us, you will receive top-tier professionalism, ingenuity, and technical knowledge. Give us a call today to get involved.

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