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Corporate Events

We cover your event and capture all key moments on film, an edited version is produced (all raw footage will also be available if you need it.) Key and useful information will be on display during such events and can be beneficial to your video portfolio whether your an invited speaker or direct representative of a company.  

Depending on the event we develop a plan:



Seminars tend to be smaller therefore easier to cover at least logistically since for the most part all speakers are kept within the same hall. In this case a one to two man crew can manage the productions operation.  


By most accounts these are large and have multiple speakers on simultaneously. This requires multiple crews to work independently if coverage of several speakers is necessary. Depending of the amount of coverage necessary we would allocate the man power to cover it. A job like this requires some tailoring to the customers specific needs. 

Trade Show

The main purpose of these events is lead generations. The use of video can keep the exposure going for much longer than just the event. Highlighting your company as an industry leader by attending a trade show is invaluable, but the ability to encapsulate the experience and share it with the world through the use of video can make a world of difference. 

Team Building events

The idea is to get the guys and gals out of the office to build camaraderie. These bonding exercises which include anything from puzzle building to team sports are designed to strengthen teams through competition with the hopes this translates back to the office. Video can serve as a great motivator for those involved not to mention the impact it can have as a marketing tool by showing a different layer of your company and the individuals that compose it.    

Product launch 

The parties are designed to build buzz and anticipation. Its usually a glamorous affair and in many cases celebrities are in attendance. Companies want to showcase their products in their best light especially when they are coming into market so these parties serve as a push to build momentum. A video production crew can be invaluable in these situations. We film the whole event, everything from red carpet entrances, product interaction, to interviews and glamorous supplementary b-roll. 

coporate video productions
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