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Instructional video services

You want your customers to have a keen understanding of your product, whether it’s software, the latest technology, a new cooking utensil or fashion and beauty products. If you have a brand new invention on the market, it’s even more vital that you de-mystify your offering. Tutorial videos are the perfect way to do this. 


You can’t afford to miss out on the conversion benefits enabled by using detailed instructional videos. They are engaging, interactive, and informative. Customers who understand your product will be more likely to close on a purchase.


Our experienced and skilled team will be able to handle your instructional video project from pre to post-production. Ensuring you have a watertight explainer video that provides conversion benefits above and beyond the production cost.


You can use instructional videos for many different purposes. If you’ve got a product, service or anything else suitable, we provide a professional instructional video service that’s second to none.

Software tutorials

A Software can be incredibly complicated to handle, and trying to figure out a sophisticated new program is like navigating through a maze while blindfolded. This is where instructional videos play a crucial part. By creating a series of instructional videos for your software, you will not only inform customers who have already bought your software how to use it but also showcase all of its great features to prospects who are still undecided on whether to purchase the product.


You want your customers to use your software competently. You can curb their frustration by using clear, concise, and informative instructional videos. Our team will work closely with you to create professional software tutorials by scripting and recording voiceover, screencasts, and live tutorial footage. 

Choose our professional video production service


When you work with us, you will receive an experienced, detailed, and professional experience. We understand how essential tutorial videos are for growing your business, and we endeavor to produce quality projects that are ahead of the competition.

ReyFilm is a leading Miami video production company specializing in the production of instructional videos.


As a company, you may find the need to make instructional videos, training videos, or some variation of these. We produce many of these videos that aid companies in educating employees, partners, and customers.

If you want your video tutorial completed with expert flair, then get in touch today.


What we offer:


  • Film on location or several locations if necessary.



  • Provide all the equipment necessary for cinematic-like qualities in video and audio; these include but are not limited to lights, external audio recorders, tripods and stabilizers, jibs, dollies, reflectors, and more.



  • Provide a final edit with up to three revisions.



  • Post-production includes color grading, exposure, and audio correction.



  • A flat pre-determined project cost, with no hidden fees.




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Product tutorials

You want your customers to understand precisely how your product works. Customers need to feel secure in the knowledge that, first of all, it works, and second of all, they know how to use it. Personal and relatable product tutorials can have huge conversion benefits, turning pessimistic shoppers into customers who know exactly what they’re getting.


Our instructional video will show how your product functions in real-life settings. Whether you are selling blenders, vacuum cleaners, sprinklers, beauty products, bread makers, or anything that needs instructions, our videos will help your customers hit the ground running with your product. 

How-to videos

Another great way to boost your conversion benefits with instructional videos is to create a how-to video. For example, styling or makeup tutorials for beauty product companies show off the product and give customers a way to use them. A style guide for a pair of shoes might encourage further clothing purchases from the same brand.


Maybe you’re a home improvement hardware supplier. You can create a video explaining how to build a shelf that will drive customers to your store or website.

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