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Sound Design

Recording good sound is by far one of the most important tasks while on production. Technically it is fundamental to achieve good crips dialogue for any video project. It is unforgivable for a video to have lousy audio you can probably get away with any other mistakes, but bad sound screams amateur. 

Besides the importance of achieving good sound while on production a good sound designer cleans and improves it further. A sound designer is not only tasked with proper audio leveling but also setting the appropriate mood of a video sequence. Can you imagine a film without the (Foley) footsteps, door creaks, audio swells, and musical score? It just wouldn't be the same. 

Our sound designers have libraries containing thousands of sound effects, and if there's something so particular that we can't find it, we will record it ourselves. We use these effects to enrich and manipulate the existant audio so that we can create a superior experience for the viewer.


Sound design is not limited to films. We include sound design for most of our video production services such as T.V. commercials, corporate videos, web videos, event videography, promo videos, and many more.


Below is a menu of sound design services we offer:


• Special effects sound editing
• Sound “sweetening”
• Stereo & 5.1 surround mixing
• Recording
• Sync sound recording on location for film
• Dialogue cleanups
• Track laying


Remember there's more to video than the picture a project needs to come together as one cohesive unit for it to be effective. Reach out to us for a quote on your next audiovisual project. 

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