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Trade show video services

Using tradeshow video is incredibly important to boost the marketing benefits of a tradeshow. These exhibitions feature companies that all work in a similar industry, which means they are all competing for a limited space. More importantly, they are all competing for customer and client attention. This is where video comes into play. Using snappy, engaging video clips will help you stand out from the crowd.


Videos will help you attract attention, giving you the space to demonstrate your product or service in a cutting edge format. Having a video under your belt gives you that automatic feel of professionalism. Your customers and clients will perceive your outfit as an established and trustworthy entity. 

We can create tradeshow videos that will boost your business to the next level. In addition to the marketing benefits of having your staff, management, and representatives at an industry tradeshow, professional video will tell customers what you are really about. Our video will step outside the tradeshow, using footage from your office, product videos, or service demonstrations to illustrate your excellence. We will work closely with you to create tailored videos that show the best side of your business, ensuring your tradeshow appearance will be a roaring success.

Using video at tradeshow stalls

Capturing attention at tradeshows can be incredibly difficult. You get a significant level of exposure to thousands of interested individuals, but with the vast availability of stalls, attendees often suffer attention fatigue. This means that by the time they get to your booth; they have tired feet and tired eyes. 


It would help if you had something at the ready to grab their attention and hold it. A video speaks volumes, and a short, snappy loop that tells a brief story about your company can make a huge difference. We can use captions for any dialogue and will implement music that makes your stall feel welcoming and draws tradeshow guests to you. 


We structure our videos to make sure viewers are engaged quickly and leave with the lasting impact of your brand.


Keynote speeches

If you are booked on for a keynote speech at a tradeshow, you will want to consider incorporating video into your speech. The video will illustrate more than words alone and give you a chance to use product footage, service demonstrations, and other essential information. 


The video will leave a lasting impression on your audience, giving them a broader understanding of your company and product. We can create a video that will add a new element to your speech and give you all the tools you need to surprise and delight the audience.

Post-tradeshow videos

The marketing benefits of tradeshow videos can still be profited from even after the show has ended. Tradeshows are a goldmine for great footage. We can record video of your keynote speech, take footage of your enthusiastic company reps speaking to interested customers, and splice it all together in a fun and exemplary marketing video that you can use for years to come.

If you are looking for a video production company that understands the key marketing benefits of tradeshow videos, look no further than our services. We will provide professional, technical, and experienced support for all your tradeshow video needs. 

ReyFilm is a leading Florida video production company. We specialize in cinematic, corporate videos such as trade shows, seminars, conferences, product launches, and many more.


We offer trade show video production services, which highlight your booth and the event as a whole. We develop a production plan and film according to your needs. We look to satisfy your requirements and capture the critical moments of the event. 


What we offer:


  • Professional video & audio recording equipment.


  • Tripods, lights, stabilizers.


  • Editing of recorded footage.


  • Post-production: Color grading, audio mastering & syncing 




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