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TV Commercial 

ReyFilm is a full-service T.V. Commercial production company located in Miami. We have been recognized as one of the top video production companies in South Florida.

We handle all aspects and stages of a TV commercial's production including the creative concept development, location scouting, talent casting, scriptwriting, filming, editing, VFX, graphics, music, voice-over, and broadcast safe delivery.


Our commercial productions are equipped with the latest in technology such as 5K cameras, professional sound recording devices, lighting, fluid head tripods and stabilizers, jibs/cranes, dollies, and an experienced crew to operate the equipment.


A TV commercial production will have a multi-specialized crew behind it, which guarantees there will be an individual in charge of the various aspects of the production. For example, a director of photography which manages the framing and compositions of the shots, a gaffer (chief lighting technician) who works alongside the director of photography to ensure the desired mood is achieved through lighting, and a sound mixer who is in charge of recording clean dialogues. While there are other significant roles on a production crew, these are a must for most if not all productions.


At ReyFilm, we value collaboration. Including the client in the production process when possible is a benefit as this gives us insight into the client's vision. Working towards the same goal is step number one once that's in place, we can produce a visceral commercial that engages the correct audience. 


We can a client puts their trust on us to produce their commercial we feel a high level of gratitude and responsibility to them. We also see it as an opportunity to create a commercial that separates a product or company from its competition by having a compelling message told exquisitely via motion pictures.


When you work with ReyFilm, you are guaranteed a team that's invested in the process. A group of specialized technicians and creatives that understand the importance of their roles. We pride ourselves in striving for excellence on every draft we write, take we film, and sequence we edit.


ReyFilm is your dedicated video production company that works with you from conceptualization to execution. Our expertise is intended to provide relief and success through all the production aspects.






The Production overview:

We can take your idea and turn it into a full-blown visual representation of your company. Let's take your business to the next level by giving it a video presence online or on T.V.


Pre-production: We create a script based on your needs as well as a shot-list along with all the other essentials for our production stage. 


Production: We go on location with all the camera gear, lighting, and professional audio necessary to achieve a T.V quality commercial.


Post-production: We edit, audio sync, audio level, and color grade your footage as to render out the most cinematic piece possible. 




For More Info: 

ReyFilm On location - Miami Video Produc

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

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