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Web Videos

In today's world, a solid video strategy should include an excellent internet gameplan. The action is happening online; the attention is pivoting towards a mobile-friendly social media landscape.


At ReyFilm, we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements for web videos and the consumption of content on the space. We understand the importance of creating a strategy that maximizes the video's impact on individual web-based platforms. For example, the framing and aspect ratio on a video for YouTube would be different from one intended for Instagram, meaning by shooting differently, we can give your video a more prominent presence (more retail space) within the feed.


Let's take a look at a comedic video we did for Elite Clinic that fits into a larger online marketing strategy.

Let's dive deeper into producing videos for the web.


A couple of things to consider when producing for the web are to determine how the content will be viewed, the technicalities of the platform hosting the video, and equally important the behavior of the viewers on these platforms. You see, this determines a great deal of how we write, shoot, and edit the video. The goal is to produce an optimized video for the hosting platform.


Before initiating a project, it is good practice to find answers for the following questions.


Is the video intended to be viewed on a T.V. screen, mobile phone, tablet, or a desktop?


Does the creative concept work appropriately with our intended viewing device and hosting platform?


Is the video's message a good fit for our intended platforms?


Will we need multiple versions of the same video for different platforms?


Are there technical considerations we should follow? For example, do we need to limit the size of the video?


How do we create a comfortable and natural viewing experience given the device and hosting platforms?


What video format would be most appropriate?


Who is the audience?


How should we account for sound? Will it be played with it on or off?


The first step is to answer these questions. After we determine how all these factors will come into play, we can work on the creative more effectively. Maximizing the results of the video for our clients is our desired outcome.


Viral Video Strategy 


The massive spread of a video to be considered viral can never be guaranteed. However, if the goal for the video is to be viewed by the masses, then every decision we make should consider that. It becomes a matter of creating the prime environment and correct creative for widespread. The combination of video and proper deployment strategy improve the odds of a viral result.


Social Media strategy


In the fast-paced world of content consumption, putting yourself in the viewer's shoes can make a difference. It would be best if you were where your customers congregate. The audience on Instagram is very different from the one on LinkedIn. The same way the video's delivery can change from platform to platform.


Luckily success can be measured.


The great thing about online traffic and video consumption is measurability. Performance analytics are incredibly detailed to the point where you can see the view rates, click through rate, viewership demographics, and much more. We are proficient with the analytical tools that improve a videos success rate.


• Measure spikes in customer interaction
• Integrate video views toward Google rankings for any initiatives in search engine optimization
• Measure local, regional, national, and international impact
• Measure customer website retention
• Calculate conversion rates related to video views
• Increased engagement time on corporate websites


At ReyFilm, we understand the attributes that go into making a successful web video that attains maximum viewership and impact on the web. 

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

We offer video commercials, promo video, educational videos, training videos, and many more for the web and social media platforms. We attack these productions in stages. First we work with the client on developing a script that meets their requirements, secondly we move onto production, and lastly, we edit, color grade, and apply audio corrections to complete and render a professionally cohesive video.

What we offer:​

  • Video script and video strategy assistance

  • The production equipment needed to capture cinema quality visuals. These include lights, tripods, stabilizers, dollies, jibs, and more. 

  • Audio gear for professional sound.

  • The editing of a video geared towards web specifications that not only looks amazing but hits on all the goals set for it.​



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