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A successful video campaign for politicians.

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When preparing video of any kind for a politician it's important to know what is the expected outcome for such video. What does the client hope to achieve or communicate with the video. By knowing these details we can incorporate them in the construction and structure of the script which will then be the blueprint for the rest of the production

All video should have a function and fill a need or create an outcome for the client purchasing the service. For this reason this is the first thing we like to get a grasp on, hey client what are you making this video for. This is no different for a political campaign, so if the video is with the intent to establish a call to action within the population we structure our format in the appropriate manner as to follow a script that builds up into a climax which eventually leads to our call to action in which we influence viewers into the desired reaction.

A video option for politicians can also be use of documentary style film making in which we follow a politician throughout his day as to highlight key aspects of the individuals character. This allows for great transparency and direct engagement with the population he is trying to lead. Video Productions such as this is a dynamic way of sharing educational insight by breaking up the edit strategically throughout the day as to reinforce the politicians discipline, work ethic, views, stance, and leadership among other things. Video such as this is great for online platforms and social media which is not time restricting.

Looking for other options? A narrative video with a clear message is the gold standard. This is film-making at it's essence. We sit down we conjure up ideas and we make a narrative commercial that can be insightful, educational, or a flat out sales pitch. The narrative commercial allows us to set design, prepare lighting, and most importantly dramatize a scene exactly how we see fit. This can be cut into a 15, 30, 45, or 60 second commercial for T.V made with all the bells and whistles.

No matter what style of video you make the most important thing is the core meaning behind it. There should always be an objective or goal behind any video piece whether commercial, narrative, or documentary where the story is told elegantly.


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