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Why you should make a video commercial for your business

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Video commercials have evolved dramatically over the years. The internet, social networks, and new technologies such as LCD displays have revolutionized the format. A TV is no longer the only medium for displaying video content. Which means there is a world of possibilities to explore with video commercials, and the opportunity to reach millions with an engaging, impactful, and brand relevant ad.

With video commercials, you can boost your sales, increase brand awareness, broaden your reach, and build a relationship with your customers. Best of all, video commercials give you the creative space to express your brand in a fun, informative, and interactive way.

Let’s unpack a few benefits of creating a video commercial.

Increase your conversion rate

The end goal of every marketing strategy is ultimately to make a sale. Even when your focus is to build the brand, increase awareness, or foster customer trust, you still eventually want to convert users as a result. The good news is that video commercials do just that, and there are several detailed statistics to prove it.

Research shows that users are up to 95% more likely to remember your call to action after watching a video, compared to only 10% with other formats such as text and image. This means that potential customers will be more likely to close on the sale.

Video commercials help viewers to understand your product and offering better. Statistics show that 75% of customers bought a product after watching an explainer video. You can interweave this fact into your video commercial, de-mystifying, and demonstrating your product to build customer trust and increase conversions.

If you are struggling to grow your e-commerce offering, video can help. Research shows that 57% of consumers are more confident about purchasing online when you use video on your website.

With such clear benefits for conversion, your commercial video is likely to give you an excellent return on investment.

Creatively express your brand

Video is a medium ideally suited for creativity, and brand recognition is a byproduct of creating a memorable video commercial. A video can be used to say more than a text or image-based ad and will allow you to give your business a legitimate and human image.

Brands have experimented with creative commercials throughout the years, with projects featuring blockbuster directors like Spike Jonze and Ridley Scott. Commercial videos are an art form, and, when done correctly, they can create an unforgettable brand image.

Leverage the internet to your advantage

Video taps into the viral potential of online and social network use. With a video, you can increase the chance of your ad being shared across the internet, for free! Research shows that social media users are 1200% more likely to share a video than text and image posts combined.

The benefits of commercial videos are unparalleled on the internet. If you want shareable and versatile content that can be used as a marketing tool, then a video commercial is about as good as it gets. A video can be used on personal websites, social media, and other sharing networks. Video is the perfect format to boost viral potential.

Video commercials can even increase your SEO ranking. Research shows that video shows up in 70% of the highest 100 Google search results, so embedding a video on your website or a social page can mean a dramatic increase in traffic.

Get started with commercial videos today

The benefits of commercial videos are second to none. You have the opportunity to express your brand creatively in an engaging format, gain conversions, reach, and online traffic that results in a fantastic return on your investment.


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