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Real estate video services

ReyFilm is a video production company specializing in real estate videos in and around the Miami area. We craft our real estate video services to bring you leads, such as prospective home buyers, sellers, and investors.


As a real estate agent, business, or owner, you want to showcase your property listing with flair. The best way to do this is with an engaging and evocative video that makes the home feel irresistible. You want customers to get an idea of the scope and beauty of the space. A real estate video can help potential buyers feel as if they are present in the property as they watch the video. We use tactics such as mimicking the movement of real life with subtle camera positioning and smooth post-production edits.

We can provide a service that will use the appropriate equipment, expertise, and pre-production design to ensure that your video turns out perfect. Our experienced cameramen will film visuals utilizing an array of equipment, including the latest HD cameras, wide-angle lenses, drones, and sliders. Once pre-production, recording, and post-production are complete, you will have a real estate video that will make viewers feel at home.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential aspects of building a robust real estate video, and how we can help you make it.

Virtual Tour

A good real estate video can mean you don’t need to conduct a real-life tour of the house. Buyers might be located in different parts of the world, or unable to get to the house because of work commitments or a busy schedule, which makes videos and virtual tours the only option of displaying a home adequately.


Our approach is to introduce the viewer to the property in a cohesive way. Similar to the real-life walkthrough of a property. You might want to take users through the home room by room, focussing on some of the knockout spaces that you have available. We can help structure your video to put your viewer in the picture, making them feel involved and present in the property, and increasing the chance of a sale.

Emulating motion in a static environment

One of the critical challenges of creating a real estate video is figuring out how to create motion in a static environment. Creating movement keeps the footage exciting and involves the viewer in what is happening inside the frame. No one wants to stare at a static environment for 10 seconds while trying to get an idea of the space.


This is why we film rooms on a slider, moving the camera steadily to create the illusion of entering a space, or turning your head to scan the room. This will help give your viewers a feeling of involvement and add depth and space to our showcase of the room. 

Shooting outside and using aerial shots

The next challenge is getting shots of the outside of the building and the neighborhood around it. This requires a lot of technical expertise and equipment to capture. You will want to include a few example shots of the community, so viewers have an idea of the area. A way to do this is to use drones to fly over the property, getting a view of the landscape. Whatever you need, we will endeavor to help and put our expert skills to the task. 


A real estate video will show off your property listing to users far outside your base. It allows you to reach a wider audience, leveraging properties to a new group of people, and doing so efficiently and engagingly. 


If you want your real estate video produced by a professional, technical and knowledgeable team, then get in touch today. 

Why Choose ReyFilm?


We are the one-stop-shop for all relating to real estate videography and photography. Our mission is to create a video that established you as an industry leader in your market. We develop clear objectives for each video and execute a well-planned production as to guarantee we meet or exceed each of the goals set.


The videos we create are of pristine video quality and high-resolution audio which serve as the perfect digital introduction for your real estate services. 

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