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Branded Content Videos

At ReyFilm, we value and understand the importance of an effective presentation. We would argue that how an audience perceives your brand is as significant as the brand itself.


ReyFilm will help display your brand with a breathtaking video campaign. We will work alongside you to develop a compelling message which we will then film and edit. The final product will be a video that easily integrates into your marketing flow.


Our mission is not only to provide you with a cinematic piece of content but one that speaks to your audience or better yet one that creates a new audience altogether.


Social media has altered how the world interacts. One video can change the fate of a company overnight. The power of a properly developed and executed video can't be underestimated. The opportunities presented by social media are many; for example, the content that lives on the platform is easily shared, memorable, and direct to consumers. If you decide to market on the platforms, you will find advantages such as the low cost, speed, and ease of ads modification.

Miami branded content videos

As seen on the poster above some brands go as far as creating short films were their products can be displayed boldly. Truthfully this is a newer style of product marketing but one that has gained traction in recent years. The successful video campaigns by BMW and Red Bull have sparked many into creating meaningful original content. The goal of branded video content is to produce memorable stories that transcend traditional sales strategies by taking an unconventional approach in the artistic development of a script which emphasizes branding and company culture over sales.


Through the use of these videos, we can shed light on a companies origin, culture, values, and future projects.

The idea is to script and film a genuinely cinematic experience that goes beyond selling a product or service. The result is a lasting impression made possible through artistic video branding and memorable stories.

We want the opportunity to deliver on your vision.


Branding is all about thinking outside the box, being unique, fresh, and forward thinking. Let's develop a script that highlights your brand's identity and culture; let's create something innovative. The goal is to showcase what your brand represents. 


After the script is rock solid, we go onto capturing fantastic footage, once that's done it's onto post-production: editing, color grading, audio mastering/leveling where ultimately the project comes together as one cohesive unit.  



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