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Commercial Projects

ReyFilm On location - Miami Video Produc

Promo Videos 

Promotional videos give you the chance to drum up excitement for your product or service. A promo video can be used in many different ways. It can be generic enough for placement on any advertising medium such as online, on T.V., or outdoor display. A sharp promotional video will give your customers a taste of your business while creating excitement and anticipation. We can structure your project and produce an engaging video that will promote your brand and increase conversions. 

TV Commercials

Despite the introduction of the web, TV is still an incredibly secure marketing channel. It adds legitimacy to your business and gives your brand a level of recognition beyond simple posters or text-based campaigns. 


It is vital to have a TV commercial that makes an impact on your customer. We can help you create a video that cuts through the noise of television advertisements and grabs the attention of viewers. TV commercials offer the platform and opportunity to tell a story, stringing the viewer along until you can drop that all-important call to action. With our expert commercial projects, you will get state of the art, researched and impactful TV commercials. 

Online and social videos

Video has a commanding presence online. It is versatile and can be used in several environments, whether that is on your website, YouTube channel, or social networks.


Online videos present an opportunity that was never available before the internet: the viral video. Creating a viral video is like hitting gold.  Web-users will share your video for free, spreading your branding, product, and service throughout the web, whether through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other sharing network.


Our commercial projects service specializes in creating videos that are engaging for online users. When you work with us, you can expect the highest standards of online commercial video production.

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Commercial Projects Breakdown


What budgets do we work with? 

All budgets. We offer video production services specifically tailored for each client. If all you need is one camera operator and a set of lights, that's all you will be charged for.


What services do we offer?

Everything from initial concept building to the final polished video edit. We can also get involved at any stage of the production process.


What to expect from us:


  • A cinematic production and engaging final video.


  • A well prepared and organized crew. 


  • A company that loves the grind of production.


  • A production agency that values customer satisfaction.


Get in touch today if you have a commercial project that needs the deft touch of professional video producers. If you prefer a personal meeting to discuss your project in-depth, that can also be arranged.    

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Our commercial projects services will ensure you have the most professional, comprehensive, and exciting commercial for your company. We serve retail businesses, agencies, marketing teams, and individuals who want to get their message out through an engaging video. Our commercial projects will give you an edge over the competition through a video commercial that captures the essence of your product or service. 


You want to get your commercial just right. A subpar video commercial can negatively affect your brand identity for years to come. We want to provide you with the best service on the market and will work closely with you to produce a tailored video commercial that showcases your best attributes.

Our professional team of cameramen, producers, visual effects specialists, and editors will put together a video that separates you from the crowd. We will structure, advise, and consult with you on every aspect of the commercial from pre to post-production. You can count on us to represent your business in the best way possible through our commercial projects.


Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use our commercial projects service.

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