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Concert Visuals


Concert visuals are an essential aspect of any live performance. They act as an additional performance piece, embellishing the production, the movement on stage, and creating a visual representation of the music. When you have custom made visuals that are unique to your performance, you can interweave another dimension into your show. Concert visuals will give your fans something to talk about for years to come.


With our expert concert visual service, you can extend your show to the big screen, making your performance visible from the far end of the concert space. You can also make the concert richer with the use of visuals that will add depth and experience to your performance.  We will provide a professional service that uses all elements of concert visual creation to expand the breadth of your concert experience. We want your audience to feel like they have experienced something genuinely revolutionary.


Our service includes live video production, concert visual animations, projection, pre-recorded footage, and other visuals such as stock footage, documentary footage, and graphics.


Let’s take a look at a few of the elements you can use for your live performance.

Live projection

You can project your live performance onto the big screen using our professional and expert service. The benefits of live screening are second to none. Having the performance on the big screen means that you can reach new audience members who would otherwise be squinting from the back.  It also means that you can increase the size of your audience venue, allowing more ticket holders to enter and making a more significant profit on your gig.


Our concert visual services will use professional equipment to capture your live performance. Our gear includes HD cameras, jibs, and cranes, ensuring you always look your best up on stage. If you want your performance to run smoothly, look great, and surprise your audience, then we are the perfect team for the job.

Animation visuals

Graphics, animation, and CGI are a considerable part of modern concert visual packages. Having animation that follows the theme of your art and acts as a complementary element to your performance will create a cohesive and awe-inspiring show. Many music and theatre acts have experimented with animation visuals in the past, showing off their creativity by harnessing the latest technology for a video display during the performance. 


We can provide you with inspiring, expertly crafted animation visuals that are not to be missed. Our trusted animation skills will be an invaluable asset to your concert visual creation. 

Pre-recorded visuals

An element that can make your show feel like part of an extended story is the pre-recorded visual. If you want your concert visuals to tell the story of how you made it big, then it is essential to have pre-recorded documentary footage of rehearsals, and recordings of tour bus antics. This type of content can add depth to your show. This type of footage tells your audience your story and endears them with your art.


These are just a few options that can add to your performance, and we will be with you every step of the way throughout production. If you want concert visuals that will leave your audience awestruck, then get us involved in your production today. 

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