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Crowd Funding Videos

What is the purpose of creating a crowdfunding video, simple get access to funds for the development of your project. Why use video as the medium? Because its quite hard to get anyone to give you money much less without giving them excellent reasons why they should. Video has the power of conveying a quick and powerful message. 

Crowdfunding is hard, full time job hard and having a successful campaign says a'lot about you as an artist, entrepreneur, or business. The ability to complete your goals of raising capital should be displayed proudly because not many pull it off. The way to succeed in this endeavor is not only having a large following but being able to tap into them. You must present the concept visually and make all that see it hungry to follow through with the hopes of helping you develop this exciting concept. 

Using the platforms to deliver traffic to your campaign is critical because unless you send them there they will never find it. At the very least a presentation video of not only your idea but of yourself is necessary. Logic tells us people want to know what their buying and the more creative you get about showcasing your idea then the better the odds of receiving money.

A crowdfunding trailer can be useful. Having product highlights and a quick paced edit that drives home feature after feature is sure to inspire investments. A video like this gives you the opportunity to say a whole lot about your product in very little time, making a versatile video such as this can be advantageous since it can fit into any social platform.

An introductory video that's genuine can show people your truth and shares with many why it is your doing what your doing. Documentary style filming gives the audience a first person perspective on day to day operations and if you fit the bill of a hardworking, laser focused entrepreneur you will push the decision in your favor.  

A creative narrative, if what your looking to fund will be better served by scripted storytelling, then we can help. Writing original content with cinematic turning points, conflict, a 3 act structure, an exciting climax, all followed by a rewarding resolution that fits into your campaign is not only a great sales pitch but also a memorable one. If you can make individuals remember you the next day, well the funds are secondary because your building a brand and identity. 

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