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Real estate video Marketing

Are you Looking to Generate More Leads? You Need the Help of a Miami Based Real Estate Marketing Company. 


ReyFilm is a video production company specializing in real estate videos in and around the Miami area. Quite frankly, our video production company stretches out to the whole state of Florida. Our video production agency has been around since 2012, but let's get to the subject at hand, "Real Estate Videography." We have crafted our real estate video services to aid in bringing you leads, such as prospective home buyers, sellers, and investors. We analyze the goals set forth by the realtor and proceed with crafting a video that is specifically optimized to deliver on the objectives set for it. 


As a real estate agent or homeowner, it is ideal for you to showcase your property listing with flair. One of the better ways to achieve this is with an engaging and evocative video that makes the house feel... well, like a home or, better yet, an irresistible home. You want to enchant prospects with a great impression, even if virtual. Heck, this virtual tour may be what gets them to visit in the first place. A real estate video has the power to reach potential buyers quickly and make them feel as if they are present in the property as they follow the video along. We use tactics such as mimicking a real-life walkthrough with subtle camera positioning and a smooth post-production edit.


We have a team of knowledgeable real estate videographers and the latest in production gear/software. We follow a detailed production structure that executes on each of the production phases. Once you book a shoot, a videographer will film the home and listing agent utilizing an assemblage of equipment, including the latest HD cameras, wide-angle lenses, drones, and sliders. Once pre-production, recording, and post-production are complete, you will have a real estate video that will resonate and engage viewers.


Let's take a look at some of the options for building a high conversion real estate funnel.

real estate marketing virtual tours. Miami real estate marketing

Virtual Tour


A good real estate video can mean you don't need to conduct a real-life tour of the house. You most likely won't be able to. Buyers can be out of reach, or unable to get to the home because of work commitments or a busy schedule, which makes videos and virtual tours the only option of displaying a home adequately.


Our approach is to showcase the house to the prospect in a cohesive way. Similar to the real-life walkthrough of a property. We usually structure our shoots in a way that allows us to take viewers through the home room by room, focussing on the home's highlight features. We can help structure your video in a way that engages viewers, making them feel involved and present in the property as if there themselves. 


Emulating motion in a static environment


One of the critical challenges of creating a real estate video is figuring out how to create motion in a static environment. Creating movement keeps the footage exciting and makes for a more dynamic viewing experience. Our approach is not to have the viewer sit back and enjoy a passive viewing experience; we want viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats wanting more. No one wants to stare at a static background for 10 seconds while trying to imagine how the living area looks. 


Movement is gold! For this very reason, we film rooms on sliders or Steadicams, moving the camera fluidly as we create the illusion of entering a space, or turning your head to scan the room. Getting the video viewers a first hand POV brings value uneasily matched by images. 

Real estate marketing Miami aerial photography and video.jpg

Shooting exteriors and Using Aerial Footage / Photography


The next challenge is getting exterior shots of the building and the surrounding neighborhood. This requires a good eye and some technical expertise to capture. You will want to include a few example shots of the community, so viewers have an idea of the area and envision themselves possibly living in it. We use drones to highlight fundamental property features only accessible with a bird's eye view. Ultimately you may or may not need drone videography, but honestly, it sure as heck looks cool.  


A real estate video will show off your property listing to users far outside your base. It allows you to reach a wider audience, leveraging properties to a new group of people, and doing so efficiently.


If you want your real estate video produced by a professional, technical and knowledgeable team, don't hesitate to give us a call or shoot us an email. 

Why Choose ReyFilm?


Our real estate marketing services are backed by years of exceptional customer services and measurable results. We know how competitive the real estate market is and the importance of a positive ROI on every dollar spent. After working with realtors for so long, we've developed a keen sense of what works, what doesn't, and trending currents. In a way, we have our thumb on the market pulse. We also know realtors exceptionally well and can sympathize with the fact that launching a career as a realtor can be an extremely daunting task. For one, it seems like everyone is out to sell you something but not us, and to prove it, here's a freebie. The blog post below will be extremely helpful in setting up your real estate marketing foundation. 

We are the one-stop-shop for real estate marketing, videography, and photography. Our mission is to formulate a video that authenticates you as an industry leader within your market. Our videos are optimized explicitly with clear objectives, which can be different on a realtor to realtor basis. Some real estate agents focus on brand awareness while others that have more substantial market traction concentrate on listing and profile videos. 


The videos we produce are of pristine video / audio quality, which serves as the perfect digital introduction for your real estate services. 

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