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Explainer Videos

Attention spans are getting shorter statistically after four seconds of reading an article 17% of readers click away, but if it were a video instead of an article, people tend to stay longer. Marketers trade on attention, so a piece of content that improves engagement is pure gold. On  Aberdeen’s latest report, it was shown that “marketers who are using video are seeing (on average) 49% faster growth in revenue.”


So why use an explainer video?


It is the most effective way to engage an audience and send your message. Video can improve conversion rates by as much as 80%. Let's take Dropbox as an example of a company who increased their conversion by a mere 10%, which equaled to 10 million additional users of their services by adding an explainer video to their marketing approach.


The truth is, regardless of the product, or service video can do a better job of telling the story. It is by far a better alternative to blogs or traditional web pages.


Why is it better?


It is a convenient solution. Quite frankly, most people are too lazy to read an entire post or page, which means they skim through and take only half the message. A well-produced video can hook the viewer into absorbing your whole value proposition.


It frees up your sales team to close sales instead of continually education prospect and repeating the same pitch over and over.


Below is a list of some of the most potent explainer video formats.


  • Benefits video: Great for selling as it informs prospect quickly on the benefits of your product or service.

  • How to videos: Explain specific topics in detail. For example, we are hired by a clinic to record detailed videos instructing their patients on self-injection; through a video, they can teach hundreds of patients at once primarily non-local patients.

  • Testimonial Videos: This is a live-action review that builds trust and credibility with your brand.

  • Demo Videos: These videos explain your product or service in fine detail. Picture them as a video instructions manual. What are the benefits of these videos? Well, they can set expectations with your clients and improve the product's usability, which leads to happier clients and better reviews.

  • FAQ Videos: These videos answer common questions and concern. In the long run, these videos save you time as you answer the question only once and they benefit a large audience.


SEO "Search Engine Optimization" Benefits


video and seo
Google values sites that offer a diverse browsing experience and user engagement. By using video, you check off both as video enhances a browsers experience plus they are more likely to engage with your site while sticking around for a more extended time. Including video on your website will improve the experience for visitors, which in turn increases your ranking.
Below is an example of a product demo video we made for a client needing to improve product usage and online reviews.
Quick Recap of explainer videos:


Explainer videos should aid you in educating and ultimately converting more prospects. A by-product of using video is a superior engagement and better organic ranking on search pages.​

If produced correctly, these videos have the power to create leads, yield conversions, and ultimately increase brand awareness. A company that presents itself as an entity concerned about the information it provides customers will reak the rewards. Explainer videos have the power of demonstrating the correct use of a product by a knowledgeable practitioner, therefore, setting expectations and improving product usage.

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