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Fashion Video Production Services

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Video content is in fashion, with statistics showing that a staggering 85% of all US internet users watch video content monthly. As trend-setters, it makes sense that anyone in the fashion industry is ahead of the curb when it comes to video content. It’s essential that your brand capitalizes on fashion videos using our comprehensive and professional video production service.


Fashion videos are incredibly crucial for your brand. You can use a professionally made fashion video to reach your fans, build your brand, and launch products in a fun, engaging, and informative format.


Fashion videos can be versatile and varied and will give you the confidence and power to push your brand to the next level. Creating a video for your fashion brand will increase sales, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. Our fashion video production service will take a professional and knowledgeable approach with any project, developing your idea from concept to post-production and delivery. 


Let’s unpack some of the compelling content you can create to grow your fashion brand.

Branding Videos

Many of the world’s top fashion outlets and designers create meaningful branding videos which shape the public perception of their brand. Fashion videos that capture the essence of your brand will do wonders for your fashion status. You will want to have customers understand your ethos, sympathize with your values, and have the desire to engage with your products.


We will put together a branding video that is stylish and shows off your fashion culture the way you want it to be perceived. Taking you through the process from pre to post-production, we will work closely with you to tell your brand story.

Style Guide Videos

Another great way you can boost your audience engagement is by using style guide videos. This tactic is something that big brands like Levi have been utilizing to not only showcase their clothing and increase sales, but also give their customers useful, free and professional advice, and in the process build a stronger relationship with the customer.


You can create videos which show how to wear your product, what to wear it with and where to wear it. The videos can be short and snappy, or long-form for a bit more detail. 


Use our service to produce colorful, detailed, and professional style guides that will give your customers a valid excuse to pick up your product.

Product demonstration videos

Along a similar vein is the product demonstration video. This video style is a great way to engage customers with informative videos showing how to use the product in the best way. This content is particularly useful for makeup brands. Explainer and makeup tutorial videos can build customer relationships, and encourage purchases while ensuring your customers understand your product, brand, and style.


Video is an incredibly important part of the fashion industry. It can be used to showcase brands, product demonstrations, and style recommendations. Video is the perfect tool for engaging tech-savvy millennials and trendsetters who use video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and other mediums to consume content. 


When you work with ReyFilm, you can expect a high quality of fashion video production. We will provide the best service available and ensure that your brand shines in your next video. 

ReyFilm Fashion Videos Specialties


Video production tailored to fashion events, fashion trade-shows, fashion seminars, runway sessions, and much more.


We are prepared to offer the latest audiovisual technology to ensure we capture each unique moment of your event as it happens. We have in our arsenal the latest 5K model cameras and audio recording devices to provide a supreme level of quality.


Let us prepare a production tailored around your needs; we offer a wide assortment of services from live filming to post-production editing, color grading, audio mastering. 



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