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Interview video services

Interview videos are a quick and affordable way of telling your story. 
By using fascinating interview subjects, engaging b-roll footage, and appropriate locations, you can create a video that keeps viewers interested and informed. An interview video is an excellent way of putting a human face on an event, office place, company, or news items. Interviews answer all the questions you want to know in a relatable and engaging way.


We provide interview video services that put your subject at ease. We will ensure interviewees are engaged with the questions and that they understand what is needed of them. An interview is always more natural when the guest is comfortable with the format, questions, and interviewer, and we can work closely with you to create this environment.

Interview video in progress

Interview videos for corporate

Creating an interview video for the ‘home’ or ‘about’ page of your website is a quick and easy way to get your company story out there. Research shows that 72% of customers prefer to learn about a service with video rather than other mediums. Potential customers and clients will be more likely to engage with your business if you are using a video interview to detail your services.


You can interview a range of subjects to tell your story, including employees, clients, and management. Using real people means that you can draw out a genuine and human response to complicated questions. It’s a perfect way to upgrade your text-based ‘FAQ’ page with a more engaging, consumable, and informative format.

Entertainment videos

We can also provide an interview video service for entertainment projects. Having an interview as part of your documentary, news item, or promo video will give a new element to the story. Our interview video service will ensure that the person you are interviewing is prepared and comfortable with the process. We want the interview to be the centerpiece of your project.


We will be able to assist in all elements of the interview video process, setting you up for the perfect take.

Choosing the right location

While the person you have for an interview is the main focal point, you will also need to have an exciting and relevant location. If you are creating a corporate interview video, you might want to set up cameras in a meeting room that overlooks a buzzing office. If you are shooting a behind the scenes lifestyle piece, it would be a good idea to shoot at an intimate location such as the subjects home. We can advise on the best and most appropriate interview locations for your video.

B-roll footage

To make your interview videos as expressive as possible, you will want to have relevant and illustrative b-roll footage. B-roll is a video that intercuts the interview, using the interview as a voiceover for the content. Strong b-roll footage can help tell the story much better than merely fixing the camera on your subject for 20 minutes. We will pitch, record, and produce the b-roll for use during your interview, so you can tell the story the way it was meant to be told.

Interview subjects

Our experience in managing interview subjects is second to none. You will receive expert consultancy and advice on appropriate interview subjects for your interview videos. We want your interviewees to be relaxed, tell their story, and have fun during the process. Ensuring you have an interview subject who is perfect for the role will make a massive difference to the quality of your video.


With our interview video services, you can expect a professional and comprehensive process. We understand precisely how to extract the best from interview subjects. Our experienced production skills will ensure your video is polished to perfection with b-roll, editing, and expert post-production.   

The Interview Video Breakdown


If you require a professionally shot interview session, then you've come to the right place. We create a perfectly balanced framing which achieves an aesthetic that is pleasing to watch. Our lighting expertise complements interviews by creating precision lighting for any interviews situation such as even soft lighting, hard lighting, pre-determined contrast ratios, and light fall off. 


What we offer:


  • 5K cinema cameras


  • Professional audio (boom mics, wireless lavs, external mixers.)


  • Lighting


  • Tripods & stabilizers


  • A crew ready to deliver on your needs.



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