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Law Firm Videos

Why Use Video to Grow Your Law Firm?


  • In order to be found on the Web, you need to put information there that your prospective clients will find. 

  • Has to be educational, informative, relevant, and useful, and it needs to be distinctive and representative about your firm.


Key #1: Answer General Questions

  • Periscope reached one million users in its first 10 days; lawyers can use this live-streaming app to answer general questions and communicate live with the viewers in real-time.

  • Great way to attract new clients and use video to grow your law firm by providing information content that is relevant.


Key #2: Add a Welcome Video to Your Website

  • Great opportunity to connect with visitors to your website and introduce members of your law firm. 

  • Include a brief 30-second review from a client as well. Endorsements from “real people” now carry more weight than traditional marketing messages.


Key #3: Use Webinars to Attract Clients


  • Educational webinars can help your firm build authority online and are a great way to use video to market your business


Key #4: Create an Educational Library on Your Website Implement Video Marketing

  • One new video per week on a topic that helps build trust, authority, and expert status in your practice area builds a larger and stronger audience.


Key #5: Add Videos to Your Social Media

  • Search online for topics and keywords before creating videos and create videos that are one to three minutes long.

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