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Music Video Productions

"We work with all budgets; a custom package

will be made specifically for your needs and budget."

Production workflow:

  • Scripting | pre-production

  • Professional gear & cinematic camera

  • Editing, color grading

Take your concept to the next level with a professional audiovisual production. We will supply professional gear and crew to deliver on your vision and create a cinematic video that accurately represents your music. We take your project through the 3 stages of production to create a professionally polished music video.

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

Music Videos in Miami

Miami is one hot destination for music videos, literally, so carry water.


On a serious note, this city is magical for directors of photography; there are so many colors, textures, and immersive locations that are unique to the town. Within a 30-minute car ride, you can go from city urban to beach tropical.


In Miami, you will most likely find accommodation for even the toughest of scripts unless of course, you need a skiing scene.


Video production in Miami fits right; its that simple, the city is vibrant and filled with talent. Our film house is located right here in Miami, FL, where we film 80% of our productions even though we provide our services nationally.


Give us a call if you are in Miami and need to shoot a music video.


Music videos make up a large percentage of our production bulk. ReyFilm video agency loves music videos because of the creative freedom it allows us to exercise. Music videos are a visual medium. Therefore they should be backed up by a solid story-line, great visual aesthetics, and proper editing.


Even low budget music videos can be dynamic if given the proper prep work required. At ReyFilm, we have a team of professionals all with a unique artistic skill. The collaboration of our team ensures that your music video is firing on all cylinders and up to date with the latest trends of pop culture.



What we bring to your music video:


  • Professional cinema grade film camera.


  • Lighting, reflectors, gels.


  • Tripods, stabilizers. jibs, cranes, dollies. 


  • Aerial drone footage.




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