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6 Reasons To Use Video On Your Website

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

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Video marketing is nothing new, but now, more than ever, it is proving to be an essential and useful part of a marketing strategy. In the fast-moving world of digital promotion, it is critical to find unique ways to make your product or service stand out.

No matter how compelling the information, people generally prefer to watch a two-minute video over the 15 minutes alternative of reading the same information. According to Content Marketing Institute's B2B Content Marketing; 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 60% of B2B marketers have used pre-produced video as a content marketing tactic, and10% are using live streaming.

If video is still one of the newest additions to your advertising toolkit, or you haven't gotten started yet, because you have some reservations such as do I have enough resources to create and use video content in my marketing? Or if you are not sure video will give a good return on the investment? Then read below and draw your conclusions.

Video is currently trending as one of the most versatile and profitable marketing tools available. Based on our research, the following are six compelling benefits of embedding a video on a website.

1. Great for SEO - Google Loves Video

Nothing decreases bounce rates and encourages time on a page better than video. Search engines are looking for content that engages viewers and therefore improves the rankings of any site that achieves this. Moovly reports that you're 53 times more likely to hit the number one spot on Google if you have a video embedded into your website. Five billion videos are watched on YouTube daily, and Google owns the platform, which is a clear indicator of how much they value video. Adding a video to YouTube in addition to your website will significantly increase the impact of your search engine rankings. Having a video on your webpage also opens your site to new possibilities, for example being found organically on video searches through google or through the YouTube platform which can then link back to your site. It all equals an improvement in organic reach and ultimately, SEO benefits.

2. Video Boosts Conversion Rates

Video is an investment that can bring clarity to a prospective buyer who's on the fence with your product or service. According to HubSpot, including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. An explainer or demonstration video can have more communication weight than its text-based counterpart. There is an old phrase that states, "show me, don't tell me." Watching a real-life person demonstrate the benefits of a product can influence buyer behavior. Studies show that 74% of users who viewed an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it.

3. Video Builds Trust and Credibility

The foundation of Content Marketing is trust and the creation of long-term relationships. The first and most important reason to develop sales trust with your customers is that over 90% of customers report that they will only buy from companies they trust. By providing engaging, useful, and educational information, you can stop selling and start creating a foundation of trust which encourages people to come to you.

If you are in the current stage of developing a content strategy, then "video" is something you should consider. A video even when simple and of low production value can be one of the most personable ways to communicate. It gives you the perfect platform to be your genuine self. Consider getting in front of the camera and providing viewers with real insight and value on whatever it is you offer. Remember people buy from people, so it makes perfect sense to give a face to your brand.

4. Video Performs Better on Social Media

When was the last time you logged onto Facebook and didn't see a video in your first few scrolls? If you can't remember that's because "video" is trending on social media platforms, with 92% of mobile video consumers sharing videos with others.

Video is processed in our brains 60,000 times faster than text. Businesses are using this to their advantage by creating video strategies that improve personal connections and encourage web browsers to seek more information.

Social networks are actively encouraging video content, launching new features such as Facebook's 3600 Video, Instagram's 60-second Videos, and Instagram Stories. The organic reach benefit of providing original video content on these social media platforms are too good to pass up. YouTube is the king of video hosting sites, which means other social networks are gunning for the throne by providing superior organic reach to content creators as a way of prying them from YouTube. It would make sense to take advantage of that by uploading your content on these less competitively saturated platforms. The results would be more people seeing your content without you having to pay for that viewership through ads.

5. Using videos for Email Marketing

These are challenging times for marketers. Even a beautifully crafted email will compete daily with approximately 2,900 others for attention.

We all get bombarded with email, the average person interacts with 121 emails a day, but just using the word "video" in the subject line can increase open rates and decrease unsubscribe rates.

Staggeringly, an email containing a video leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate. Even a small percentage increase would be worth a look, but such staggering numbers can't be ignored.

With 80% of users remembering the videos they watch and 46% acting after viewing a video, it would be detrimental not to include a video to your email campaigns as they improve open rates and drive action from viewers.

6. A Video will Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website

Using video on your website to promote offers, events, or as a scope to showcase your expertise has proven to encourage repeat website visitors. Providing quality content regularly, possibly using an RSS feed to update visitors about your latest release will offer an interactive platform for people to learn and get excited about your brand.

A video on your website is the perfect way to introduce brand culture. It opens a door of transparency and eliminates grey areas. A video can serve as the ideal digital introduction for site visitors.

Video marketing is continuously growing in scale, and it is an ideal platform for innovation and creativity, limited only by your imagination. Traditionally video was exclusive to big brands and their high production budgets, not anymore. With the rise of digital technology, a well developed and executed video commercial can be within the grasps of even the smallest companies.

There is no better way to start a conversation about a new product or service than with a professionally filmed promo video. The opportunities for using video to engage, build trust, and convert leads to sales are available to all companies and entrepreneurs.

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