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Product Launch Video

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If you have a product launch event scheduled in, it is incredibly essential that you produce a product launch video. Creating a video which can be shared online or on advertisement placements will mean more people can see your product launch. We can provide an expert service which records and compiles your product launch into a comprehensive and shareable video. 


Statistics show that customers are between 64-85% more likely to purchase an item after watching a product video. This means that your product launch video can not only build your brand but also result in purchases. A product launch video, when done correctly, will give customers a sense of your product, why they need to buy it, and what your brand ethos is. It’s the perfect medium to give your new product the boost it needs to shift the market. 

We can assist with any product launch type

Maybe you’re launching a product that has never been seen before. You will want to make a splash with a viral product launch video. Perhaps you are starting your version of an already existing product. Our videos can give you the boost you need to get ahead of the competition. Alternatively, you might just be launching an update to your existing product. We can provide you with a solution that finds a creative way to tell your story.


Let’s look at what a product launch video needs to succeed and how we can help you.

Introduce the problem and show the solution

The outcome you want from every product launch video is to create a desire in the customer. You have to show viewers where the problem lies and how your product is the solution they need to solve it. This is a particularly useful strategy for new designs and products if the solution doesn’t exist yet, even better! 


We can help you show off your product as a groundbreaking solution. The goal is to structure the video to work as evergreen content for your brand, assist with the narrative, and film the outcome as to compile a video which shows off your products best features.

Showcase the function

Once your customer knows why they need your product, you can show them how to use it. One of the most potent aspects of product launch videos is the product demonstration. Customers want to see your product in action. This will build trust and give them a reason to go out and buy it.

You can have much fun with a product demonstration. Take Blendtec’s ‘Will it Blend’ video series as an example. Blendtec CEO Tom Dickson created a series of videos where he tries to blend different objects with the company’s powerful blenders. It’s impressive, relatable and pretty funny. Best of all, the videos show that the product works.

Explore your company’s ethos

It would be best if you took the opportunity to build your brand by sharing your company ethos, whether that’s to change the world or to make really good washing machines. We will help you get your brand out to a massive audience by creating professional, informative, and engaging product launch videos.


You want a product launch video that will spread the word about your launch to an audience several times the size of your launch event. With our expert video producing service, you can do just that. Get in contact today if you want your project handled with professionalism, expertise, and ingenuity. 

Why Choose ReyFilm


Our video services provide you with complete coverage of your event. We are a full-service production house capable of covering events ranging in sizes from small to big multi-cam shoots. 


What we offer:


  • All the equipment necessary for professional video and audio recording


  • Post Production: Editing, color grading, audio mastering


  • Flat pre-determined fee, no hidden costs




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