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Production is GO time, by this step we have done all the desk work, scouting, talent casting and are ready to start filming. By this point we feel completely comfortable going out on the field and filming because we have it all planned out to the micro details.


Production mistakes are time consuming so we organize our shoot with all the necessary shot-lists and time sheets necessary for efficient production. Prepping all the equipment to be used and following the rule of creating an equipment list and checking off each piece of equipment is also important. 

We like to organize the equipment by order of use. For example if we are going to open the shooting day with a tracking shot followed by a panning tripod shot requiring audio then the first thing on hand will be a camera already attached to a stabilizer as well as a tripod with a quick release plate and an external audio recorder with boom pole and shotgun mic. 

Organization & proper planning are the Keys to efficient video production..

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