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Restaurant Video Marketing

Restaurant Video Marketing Solution


Marketing is an essential component of any business, not just restaurants, but operating a restaurant is time-consuming, and the thought of adding another task on the to-do list may seem overwhelming. The bottom line is that advertising a restaurant is the most overlooked aspect of restaurant operations.


Social media is an excellent source of underpriced/free attention. Having quality content to share on these platforms is proven to increase brand awareness.


The market is saturated, and having a local presence on search engines and social media platforms have become a necessity to compete.


We can film a stimulating gastronomic video optimized explicitly for engagement on the web and social media platforms.

Booking is as simple as selecting the date and time that is most convenient to film and following the checkout prompts.

Book A Shoot

  • How long before my video is ready?
    The typical turnaround time is three days. This includes the whole process from going out and filming to editing and rendering.
  • How will I receive the video?
    Once we finish the editing process, we will render a full HD 1080p video and upload it to our servers. The video link will be sent to an email of your choice, and with the link, the video can be downloaded right onto your PC, phone, or tablet.
  • Will the production process disturb our patrons?
    Our videographers are trained and adequately equipped to get the shots without disturbing the business or the patrons, but if concerned, please feel free to book the film session during your restaurant's downtime.
  • Are there any preparations the restaurant need to make for the video?
    Not many but it would be ideal to have the place clean for the shoot. We would also suggest having an idea on the dishes you would like us to highlight on the video as these need to be prepared for our film session.
  • What are the main objectives/goals for the video?
    Our goal is to get viewers to take action and visit your restaurant. We achieve this by highlighting features of your establishment and creating a visual experience that showcases what to expect when dining at your restaurant.

Restaurant Video Examples

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