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Social media videos

Billions of videos are consumed​​ daily on social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, meaning if you are not social with your marketing strategy, you're missing out.


At ReyFIlm, we make efforts to educate clients on the importance of establishing a social media strategy. Videos rank as the number one form of consumed content on the web, and mobile video is in line to take over as the dominant form of mobile communication.


Our job is to optimize your video for social media integration. Part of the process is to determine if the suggested media platform is the right fit for your video objectives and messaging. The production process is dictated by how we want the video to be received, shared, and used.



Film has genre rules, which means that comedy, thrillers, and action all follow a distinct structure, development, and timing. Same is true for social media video. The speed, delivery, messaging, and visual style all have to be formulated, especially for a short attention span platform.


We suggest that all our clients have a social media presence. Your presence can be small at first, and that's ok it will grow over time with good content. An integral part of an excellent social media strategy is to include video. The fact is that most people prefer to watch a video over reading an article. If your page lacks the option of watching a video, then a percentage of your visitors will bounce off your page. Having a high bounce rate hinders your social ranking as the platform will view your page as a place where people don't stick around.


How video influences web pages

Why does a social media platform reward pages with high retention rates?


Social media platforms reward pages that keep visitors engaged because that's how they make their money. For example, if a visitor visits your page and sticks around for 30 minutes then during that time, Facebook can run ads through your content, but if they abandon your page and leave the platform entirely, then Facebook is losing out to a competing platform.


You reap multiple benefits by having content that engages visitors. Number one your visitors will appreciate great content and possibly become a good prospect for your product or service, number two social media platforms will reward you for being a good host to their visitors and increase your ranking leading to more organic reach.


Why would you want organic reach on social media?


Your goal on social media is to command a strong presence. However, like everything else, this attention has a cost. The benefit of having a strong organic reach is that you don't depend solely on ads to be seen. Visitors will find your page more often while browsing within the social media platform if you have good ranking organically.


Things to consider when developing a social media video:


• Length of video
• Pace
• Digitization compatibility
• Platform compatibility
• Searchability/discovery
• Brand value
• Hosting platforms
• Shareability
• Relevance/timeliness


At ReyFilm, we have vast experience in the development of social media videos. After making them for so long, we include more than the technical video skills; we also provide projects with our marketing knowledge and social media behavior expertise. 


We see ourselves as your long-term digital video partner. We will put our expertise and team of writers, directors of photography, and video editors at your fingertips. Our goal is to produce successful content that leads to growth on your owned media properties and platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, and many more.

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

Social media Video overview:


ReyFilm will develop and produce videos specifically geared for the social media landscape. We will assist in the deployment and performance analytics of the video and channel. Our objectives are to create videos that increase visitors, conversion, and social media ranking.


Who can benefit from social marketing videos:

  • Individuals or companies who are looking to highlight a product or service.

  • Brands or individuals looking to improve organic social media ranking


  • Anyone looking to highlight a skill.


  • Promoters who need to highlight an event.


  • Brand or product launches.


  • Performers who want to offer fans behind the scenes footage.

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