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Training Videos

Creating content that is intended to educate, inform, and hopefully improve performance is a complex undertaking. ReyFilm productions are here to help.


Adequate learning requires a certain amount of conditions. In today's world, time is of the essence, and attention spans are shrinking daily. The number of distractions that exist on the web is immense; we understand these dynamics and consider these factors with every piece of education based content.


Creating compelling training video material requires the right mix script, visuals, editing, length, pace, and interactive engagement. Video is a cost-effective measurable solution of training for small and large corporations.


Below is an example of a successful training video we made for Take-A-Bed LLC's launch of their new app.

Educational videos that showcase and demonstrate the functions of a product or service are essential in today's global market. It is vital to connect with a worldwide customer base. If you find yourself in need of a training video, be sure to give us a call for a quote today.


What we offer:

  • Pre-production script

  • Professional audio

  • Properly exposed visuals

  • Graphics overlay 

  • Informative texts

At ReyFilm, we follow a process which leads to the development of successful training videos. The first task is to identify the target audience for the video. Whom are we talking to? Whom do we want to take action?


Once we have a clear idea of our target audience lets figure out what goals do we have for the video? For example, is the video supposed to create a new skill with regards to a product? If so, what tone will resonate more effectively? How should we deliver the message? Perhaps live action with an on-screen talent or maybe an animation would be better suited. Do we include comedic elements or make the piece serious? Answering these question gives us the needed insight to make the correct video.


Depending on the product or the companies culture, our team formulates a compelling video that is effective and true to the companies identity. Resulting in a training video that hits all the marks and goals set for it.


Below you will find a detailed list of training videos:


• Retail training videos
• Sales training
• Product use and product demo training
• Train the trainer videos
• Workforce and management communication videos
• Employee orientation videos
• Interactive on-line training
• Foreign language translation
• Custom designed graphics
• Surveys and moderated Q&As
• Compliance programs
• Effectiveness measuring tools








ReyFilm On location - Miami Video Produc

ReyFilm has been featured as a top video production company in Miami, FL and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

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