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Concept Development

T.V. Commercials

Promotional Videos

Corporate Videos

Brand Videos

Sizzle Reels

Web Videos

Pitch Videos

Music Videos

Viral Videos

Reyfilm is proficient in the concept development stage for a wide variety of projects which include video commercials, corporate pieces, entertainment industry, events, and many more. Our team has diverse expertise and extensive background in screenwriting, social media, music videos, television, film, and art design.


Our team's diversity allows for an optimal mix of creatives and technicians working in sync to produce the client's creative aspirations within the proposed budget.


ReyFilm provides concept development for the following:

The concept development process initiates with the team at ReyFilm brainstorming the objectives of the project and analyzing our production options. We examine the narrative and secure it has no loose ends and delivers a memorable message. If needed, we scout talent and locations; then we proceed with crafting the cinematography, artistic style, sound, and VFX if required by the project. Ultimately our production decisions are influenced by what we consider to resonate best with our intended audience.


Our creative pre-production phase not only consists of research but includes numerous previsualization techniques such as camera & lighting diagrams, scripts, treatments, and storyboards.


All of this desk work ensures that the production crew and client are not only on the same page and working towards the same goal but more importantly that all creative decisions were analyzed ensuring we make the right video.

Video production on location Miami_edite

High concept videos offer fantastic production value. They are well planned, adequately optimized and diagrammed to the last detail. Our writers can work by your side to take your concepts to the next level while making a blueprint for the stages of production that follow.


Let's think outside the box and make our visuals accordingly; let us take your idea to the next level.

Full service video production

We get involved from the initial pre-production stage and guide the creative process through to its final render.



Script and outline the creative concept. Develop a shot list and shooting schedule. 



Film the pre-planned concept with time efficient execution. 

Post production


Polish the film with advanced audio and color grade techniques. 

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