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Video Services List

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Animated videos:​

An animated video is yet another tool to communicate your offerings. In many situations, it serves as a superior option limited only to your imagination. A combination of live-action and animation often produces richly dynamic videos. Our animations include 2D and 3D workflows in software such as Maya, Blender, Cinema4d, After Effects, Adobe Animate.

B2B videos:

Videos optimized explicitly for the B2B models. As the growth of video continues to surge, the need for a professionally produced B2B video is at an all-time high. Now is the time to leave the misconceptions behind - B2B videos are no longer just talking head interviews. Engagement is the name of the game, and through skillful storytelling and dynamic visuals, we can make even the dullest of videos pop. 

Behind the scenes video:

Behind the scenes, content (BTS) is a format underused, in our opinion. Peeling away the surface and exposing yourself on a personal level can solidify the relationship with your fans and team. Giving access to an imperfectly unrehearsed human side of you will unquestionably strengthen your relationship with the content viewers. 

Branded content:

Branded content or branded entertainment assists in marketing your business by producing a piece of content, much like a film studio would. It is essential content marketing, selling through storytelling. Marketers have turned to branded content as a countermeasure to the influx of ads bombarding our searches, news feeds, and everything else; therefore, a marketing shift is in the works centered around an inbound strategy. The goal is to produce high-value relevant content, so the prospects come to you. Think Hubspot. 

Case study videos:

A case study in the form of a video makes for a convenient format to what has traditionally been in-depth research notes and reports. Case studies provide analysis, facts, dates, and timelines on the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.

CEO Profile Video:

It would be quite challenging to showcase personality through text. In this case, video is a better option; furthermore, according to Forbes, when both text and video are available, the latter is preferred. A video checks all the right boxes to best highlight a CEO's vision and leadership. At ReyFilm, we have produced content for highly reputable brands and scores of entrepreneurs.

Commercial Video Productions:

As a commercial video production agency, it is our job to understand your brand nearly as well as you do. While our core offerings revolve around the scripting, casting, scouting, production, and post-production duties, we are by far proudest of our communication skills.

Concept Development:

An idea, if not fleshed out properly, can take you for a long, expensive ride in the wrong direction. Through concept development, you cross your t's and dot your I's. The development phase allows you to establish a strategic approach while creating the blueprint for your project.

Corporate events:

Why not scale and make events available to your partners and followers. Keep the buzz of your events going by creating recaps or highlight videos. The rise in social media users makes these content types ideal for the platforms. Videos have proven the distribution medium of choice for events such as launch parties, product releases, and grand openings.

Corporate Videos:

I know what your thinking...Boring...but not necessarily. Corporate videos get a bad rap because throughout the year's corporate video producers have conformed to the same dull exposition filled talking head interviews. We are here to say there are better ways.  With a touch of creativity and a splash of dynamism, your outlook on corporate videos will inevitably change. 

Crowdfunding videos:

All videos require a solid creative approach and optimal execution to drive action. Crowdfunding videos are not the exception; on the contrary, these videos benefit from being extra sharp. The goal of crowdfunding videos is to motivate a person to donate money on the faith that you will follow through on your promise.  Try doing that without a fantastic pitch. No worries, were here to help. 

Documentary films:

Documentaries have a special place in our hearts; for whatever reason, nothing is quite as fulfilling as documenting reality and photographing life. Social media platforms, such as YouTube, have provided an avenue for the growth of the documentary film genre; These platforms have increased the distribution area and ease-of-accessibility; thereby, enhancing the ability to educate a larger volume of viewers, and broadening the reach of who receives that information.

Depositions video:

Video productions tailored to the needs of law firms.​

Explainer videos:

A how-to of sorts, these types of videos could be useful for companies looking to educate their customers over the proper use of their products. For example, we are hired by a clinic to record detailed videos that instruct their customers on self-injection, through a video they can educate all their patients at once. The video is particularly useful for non-local patients.

Fashion videos:

Glamour projects, which require specialized expertise in aesthetics, composition, framing, color, lighting. 

Highlight reels:

Highlight reels serve a very distinct and useful purpose. Their ability to deliver the goods without the fluff is second to none. Great for the low attention spans that are going around these days. A variety of industries use highlight videos, with athletics being the obvious one. 

How-to videos:

Ever heard of the phrase "show me don't tell me" well How-to videos do just that. With video, we can demonstrate how to perform a task or proper product usage. It is a great tool to highlight product functions and features—all with amazing visuals and the enhancement of graphics and text. 

Instructional video:

Similar to how-to, but tend to be a longer form of content. Instructional videos can provide in-depth information worthy of training consumers and staff alike. 

Investor relations video:

These videos include an assortment of data to inform on the current state of the company. Investor relations video covers everything from a company's latest products, recent awards and accolades, future concepts, financials, and sponsorship.


Interview Video:

Interview videos are considerably enhanced by the use of proper lighting, multiple cameras, and sophisticated audio set-ups. Trust the pros to produce an interview session that rivals those of broadcast networks. 

Live event videography:

When one-shot is all you have, you need to get it right the first time. We offer professional video production services for live events. We will accommodate your videography needs. Give us a call and book one or a crew of videographers for your next event. Miami videographers are available upon request.

Live streaming videos:

Live professional broadcasting of your event. Book a live streaming session by contacting us today.

Law firm videos:

Reyfilm video productions offer optimized videos for legal professionals. We can assist with leads generation, brand awareness, and website conversions. If you need a video that drives specific and measurable results, don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Music video productions:

High concept music videos, state of the art equipment, Beautiful Miami FL. Recipe for success.


Non-corporate events:

Parties of any kind, baby showers, weddings, gender reveals, bachelor, and more. We have a special crew just for these.

Product launch and demo videos:

Video production services to highlight your product. If your product launch is coming up and you don't document the event, you are missing out. The event might be a one-time thing, but the content produced from the event can bring your company buzz and awareness for months.

Political campaign videos:

We offer video productions and marketing packages for politicians. Add flair to your campaign and share a personal side only possible through video. Services include high-resolution photos and videos of live events, as well as staged photos and scripted video commercials. Allow us to take one thing off your plate and manage the production of all the content production. Video is one of the easiest ways to distribute political views and core values. Given the rise of social media usage, not incorporating a video marketing strategy can be detrimental. 

Real estate videos:

Realtors should know that presentation is everything. Any edge over the competition in a highly competitive and saturated market such as real estate is a dire necessity. Gain traction in the market by showcasing yourself as a premier real estate professional. Our services include realtor profile videos, listing videos, aerial videos, and a wide array of photography services. 

Restaurant Video Marketing:

Have you ever had a mouth-watering video? Oh yes, there is such a thing mouth-watering comes in many forms, not just steaks. We film highly optimized gastronomic videos designed to get viewers to visit your restaurant.

Social Marketing Videos:

In an era were attention spans dwindle by the day and ad spots flood our daily lives, only the purple cows can stand out. Our videos are purposely different, designed to slice through the fluff, and drive engagement. We optimize our social media marketing videos to hit on predetermined goals.

Sports Videos & Highlight Videos:

Serving athletes from little league to the college ranks. Please contact us If you wish to have a game covered in its entirety or edited into the best plays highlight reel.

Trade show videos:

Attending a trade show? Keep the fire going after the event has concluded. We can document the experience and edit a cinematic promo video of your event.

Training videos:

Let's create one video that trains millions. Work smart, not hard. We can help.

T.V. Commercials:

Professionally shot broadcast-ready TV commercials.

Video Editing:

Digital video editing consists of multiple stages of post-production which include video editing, color grading, and audio mixing.

Videography Services:

Do you need a Miami based videographer? How about a videography crew? We have you covered - small and large projects alike our Miami videographers can accommodate any shoot.  

Web Videos:

Do you have a concept for a web video but don't know how to materialize it? Allow us to step in; we are proficient in the areas of developing a concept/idea into a properly structured script. We then take this script and dissect it word by word as we line the text marking it for coverage. Once the script is lined properly, we proceed to use this information as the basis for our shot-list, which contains the entire script in a shot by shot layout. This pre-production serves as our initial blueprint for production and the stages to come. Let us help you along every step of the production process.

Wedding Videos:

Do you need cinematic wedding videography? Great! Our approach is to capture all the beautiful moments as they occur from the initial preparation to the last kiss.

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