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10 Rules to Sell Successfully on the Amazon Platform

10 Rules to Sell Successfully on the Amazon Platform

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform globally, yet it started as just an online book store. Amazon has all sorts of products for all kinds of audiences, international reach, and delivery services like few others.

Amazon's success lies within the assortment of products sold primarily by third parties under the Amazon brand. Amazon is responsible for creating many millionaires, and we don't just mean investors, but also a large group of companies that sell within the platform.

Once you have researched product categories and identified where the opportunity to win over market share lies, you will create your seller profile. You will choose the seller account type based on your objectives. The next step is to fill the seller profile and hone in on a marketing strategy to drive traffic and high conversions to your listing.

Read below for some actionable tips on maximizing success on the Amazon platform.

# 1 - What types of products should you sell

what products should be sold on Amazon

You must have clarity on a couple of things.

· What you're going to sell?

· Who is your primary customer?

Having an item in high demand will surely help your cause, but that's not enough; you need to keep an eye on the competition. Who else sells these or similar products, and how does their quality compare to yours?

It is ideal when the product you sell is of particular interest to you. This way, researching the things that you don't know about the product becomes more bearable.

The more you know about the product, the easier it will be to sell it.

A clear understanding of your product lets you confidently promote it while highlighting key features that separate it from competing solutions.

You can't expect to build a solid marketing campaign that generates the needed buzz to attract customers if you lack in-depth knowledge of the product. Sorry basic understanding of functionality won't cut it.

The majority of people start their sales on Amazon by selling items from other vendors; this is a profitable business model. Still, the ideal scenario would be to create a product you own. Having your brand on Amazon provides certain perks such as exclusivity and a differentiating factor over the competition.

Your resources should be a determining factor in the products you'll be selling. If you're planning on handling the logistics, consider things like product size and the available space for storage.

Suppose you do not have storage space or just too many products. In that case, you have the option for Amazon to send your products With the fulfillment system of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). FBA allows you to eliminate the need to store and ship the product while freeing up time to run and market the business. While there's a cost for this luxury, many sellers believe it provides a significant return-on-investment (ROI).

# 2 - Presentation is Everything

On Amazon, presentation is everything. Taking pictures of your products is important.

Product presentation plays a fundamental role in the sale process. A good photo may be the difference-maker between you and the competition. You've heard of how important first impressions are, right? Well, in e-commerce, every impression is critical. Don't allow lousy photography to ruin a sale. Consumers have a ton of options; why would they go with a bad looking product. You wouldn't, and neither would I. Hire a product photographer or take your time to acquire some basic photography knowledge and shoot some pro photos yourself.

Suppose you are going to do this on your own. In that case, you should know that lighting plays a fundamental role in product photography; it is essential to keep a consistent light source at preferential


We recommend that you take photos from various angles and focal lengths; this provides prospects with a real-world simulation of the product. Ideally, customers like holding and physically inspecting the merchandise as that's not possible online multiple-well shot photos are the next best thing.

While we want our photos to look pretty, that's not enough; we should strive to capture shots that demonstrate functionality.

Let loose and be creative. When taking photos/videos of your products, let the creative juices flow (without falling into clichés, please). Nobody wants to see another glasses-wearing nerd sell intellectual products; the customer is only interested in knowing how your product makes their life easier.

Focus your images on the benefits of the purchase and its usefulness.

# 3 - Provide a Precise Product Description

We're not going out on a limb here by saying that product descriptions are just as important as photos and videos.

The better your description, the better the user experience will be. And guess what? Amazon values happy customers; go figure. If your description is useful to customers, you will be rewarded organically; this will make up most of your organic reach strategy alongside the tactical use of keywords.

So a rule of thumb is to provide the platform with all the specifics about your products, for example, product name, identifiers, size, color, year of manufacture, and materials. Consider a brief but detailed description that helps customers determine if your product is right for them.

Focus your efforts on selling to the right customers. Be transparent about what you're product can and can't do; this will ensure good reviews and a long business.

# 4 - Follow the Rules

Follwing the rules and guidlines is critical to your success as an Amazon seller.

To be part of a group, society, or company, you must play by its rules; this is no different with Amazon. As expected, this platform's success comes from its core principles. If you are going to be part of it, you should study its rules and statutes to be fully compliant.

You should know that the sale of illegal or dangerous products is strictly prohibited. Whenever you list a new product on Amazon, you should carefully consult the help pages and make sure the product is not excluded from commerce on Amazon.

Amazon takes its reputation very seriously, so any product that violates its policies will be immediately withdrawn, possibly along with your seller privileges and inventory if located within the Amazon warehouses.

But since you are going to prosper doing good and your products are necessary and not dangerous, we will only recommend that you follow the Amazon seller's code of conduct to the letter.

Amazon Seller Code

· The key is being honest, offering adequate and accurate information at all times to both Amazon and consumers.

· Be fair without misusing the platform's services, do not harm other sellers, do not influence product reviews.

· Don't ask customers to do business with you outside the Amazon platform.

While there are many rules of conduct within Amazon, you should familiarize yourself with; these are the ones that ensure your success and keeps you out of trouble while selling on Amazon.

The prestige of the Amazon platform depends on the safety of its users and sellers.

So remember that any violation of the code of conduct will have consequences; the severity will depend on the offense.

# 5 - Generate good reviews of your products

Products displaying good reviews on

A happy consumer is the best promotional tool your products will have. A good review is as good as GOLD. Specifically, on Amazon, users incorporate reading reviews as part of the purchase process on the platform. It's no secret that reviews influence a prospect's purchasing decision.

It's quite rare for a person to purchase on Amazon without looking through at least a few reviews. Think about it, wouldn't you be interested in knowing how past customers have fared using the product.

It will not be the first or the last time you lose sales due to a bad review, but on the contrary, you increase sales if your product ratings are high and consumers are satisfied.

Reviews are a perfect illustration of how satisfied your customers are; they offer invaluable suggestions as to what's currently working and how to improve the things that aren't so you can better meet customer needs.

Within the code of conduct, there is a special section for reviews; these must be authentic.

If you become aware of false reviews, you must immediately report the offense; if not, sanctions could occur.

The key to success within Amazon is transparency; Sometimes, opting for a short path eliminates the possibility of a path, so don't deviate and preserve your integrity. In the long run, this will translate to trust and authority for your brand and keep you in the favorites lists for much longer.

# 6 - Create irresistible promotions

How to Create irresistible promotions for your products on Amazon.

We never tire of emphasizing promotions and discounts; as long as it benefits both parties, this will prove to be one of the best sales strategies you can employ.

A little trick is to use limited-time offers; urgency triggers action.

Best of all, Amazon offers plenty of promotional options allowing you to create personalized coupon codes. For example, you can create a 10% discount if a consumer buys two or more of your product.

You'd be surprised what offering a percentage off can do for your sales. I should know I am a victim of this all the time. I can't count how many times I've been to CVS or Walgreens for aspirins and was influenced into buying a second bottle just because it brought with it a 50% off discount. Here's the thing I did NOT need a second bottle; most likely, it would go to waste via expiration as I do not consume that many aspirins, but the thought of a good deal was just too good to pass up.

# 7 - Pack your products safely

A good rule of thumb when doing general ecommerce is to pack your products securely.

There is nothing more uncomfortable and overwhelming than receiving a damaged product, especially after waiting for its arrival anxiously.

Make sure to provide your product with adequate protection, anticipating that perhaps due to those coincidences of life, it may fall or suffer some unfortunate cartoonish event. It happens more often than you think.

Provide enough packaging in your shipment so that, if due to whims of luck, your box suffers an unexpected fall, the products will still survive and reach their destination with dignity. Use bubble wrap and add as much extra packaging as economically possible.

# 8 - Not everything revolves around a "good" price

Not all people are looking for the cheapest; you must make sure that your products are accessible without falling into the trap of practically giving them away.

The first reason why your prices should be reasonable is that a price that does not fit the product, even if it is low, creates mistrust; consumers have developed the concept that cheap equals low quality. To be clear, that's usually the case, although not always.

So you must find a balance and be brave, do not undervalue yourself, yes, look at the prices of the competition but do not assume that if you sell cheaper, you will win over the clientele.

Focus your efforts on product presentation

It will help if you focus on your product's presentation as much as fancy restaurants do on their dishes. While im sure the food of these fancy restaurants is excellent, I doubt it would have many patrons if they exhibited it poorly. So why would you handicap your products on Amazon by presenting them poorly?

Part of the proper presentation includes providing an adequate description that responds to that product's most frequent concerns. When in doubt, slightly increase the price; it's fascinating how adding .50 cents to the cost increases value perception.

# 9 - Sponsor your products

Example of sponsored products on

Amazon provides the opportunity to sponsor your products. It is hard to start from scratch; making products stand out among millions and millions of choices is not easy, but with Amazon advertising, you can position your products on the first pages of search results. This service is worth paying for, especially if you recently started your Amazon endeavors.

When sponsoring your products, you will see a boost in impressions as your products will be listed favorably. As with most PPC (pay-per-click) services, you will be charged when an Amazon browser clicks on the ad.

Consider sponsoring your products, as this may be the only way to get eyeballs on your inventory initially.

# 10 - Be Consistent

Success does not always come early (Sometimes it gets ugly before it gets good); those who have achieved greatness failed many times in their quest.

The key is to be consistent and not lose faith in the process (especially if you're passionate about what you're doing). You must set forth the right attitude and hone your skills to overcome all the business world's setbacks.

Personal success does not depend exclusively on external factors; the part that weighs the most in all this matter is your mental attitude and the concrete actions you take to carry out your projects.

Being an entrepreneur implies having to face all the adversities that arise along the way. Hurdles and roadblocks are part of entrepreneurs' everyday life; no matter how much you prep or how good your foresight is, things will inevitably sneak up on you.

While we encourage entrepreneurs to look ahead for opportunities and potential pitfalls, certain things are unavoidable and will surely test your character.

Take advantage of small situations to build up your resolve. Actively and concisely improve how you deal with obstacles and uncomfortable situations in general. In other words, next time you're stuck in traffic, see how you react to the jam and challenge yourself to keep your mood up, and practice improving your patience.

Don't wait till that monster life-altering situation to develop a process for dealing with problems.

If nothing else, remember what makes us humans powerful is our adaptability, so stay creative and flexible; if you believe you should change your strategy, do it, but don't give up.

Don't let go of what you've invested so much effort and resources in; remember that he who perseveres triumphs.


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