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Should I make a commercial for my company?

Whether you do or don't making it right should be your main concern. What makes a good commercial? One that has a purpose and delivers on it. 

Commercials can be informative, humorous, traditionally corporate and so on but they have to succeed at transmitting the message the client is trying to make. 

A commercial should have one clear message and deliver on it. I understand clients have limited budgets and try to make one commercial that says everything, that simply will not work. 

If your trying to showcase a product or service through the use of a commercial that's a great idea. Thing is you must make your product the protagonist, whatever that product or service is should be the focal point. Don't mix your companies core values and rich history with your latest product line swimsuit.

A detailed script is a must. A script keeps you on pace for making a 15, 30, 60, second commercial. It's also the blueprint and structure to establishing a flow to your commercial. 

If you decide to make a commercial make sure to have a climax and a clear resolution or in the case of a video commercial finishing with a call to action may be best.


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