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Real Estate videography, Miami, FL

We offer real estate video services for the Miami, South Florida areas. The goal of real estate videography is to showcase the homes strengths and layout to potential buyers. 

Video offers an alternative to traditional showing methods, as it's much faster and can open the listing to out of state buyers.

What do we look for when shooting video for real estate? Aesthetics, elegance, exposure to protray the home in it's best light. It's not about being deceitful with the property or artificially enhancing it but portraying it artistically and do right by it's strengths.

We like to offer buyers the experience of what it would feel like to live there. Make shots dynamic enough that gives viewers a POV perspective of actually walking through the home. 

We correct exposure in our editing workflow to give all the video clips maximum definition and color information.

We explore with incorporating neighborhood shots if they enhance the videos experience. Some homes benefit from aerial coverage which we provide as well. 

The bottom line is to use all the tools necessary to create visually impactful video that cause the viewer to take action.


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