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All budgets are welcomed, production will be tailored to your needs as well as your budget. Production can range from a single camera shoot to a full blown multi-cam recording session. We make it a point to acquire as much information as possible from our clients to ensure we deliver on their needs and desires. Sports videos have a wide range of use; from personal to serving as a recruitment aid. 

Professional HD recording of sporting event: Depending on your needs we can capture footage of the sporting event in its entirety with a single camera or multi-cam. The footage is then edited together making one single track offering multiple angles of view. 

Highlight reel video: The best plays performed by a player are crunched into a shorter highlight video which showcases the players best performances of the game.

Workout video: A video is recorded of the player going through a workout, using pre-planned framing and composition these videos can turn into a visual masterpiece as we have control of the subject, lighting, framing, etc... The video is edited into a dynamic piece that highlights the behind the scenes grind. Viewers will then have a cinematic experience of the blood, sweat, and tears that go unnoticed but lead to in-game performances. 

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