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Video Production Services


Reyfilm is a full-service audiovisual production company in Miami, FL. It has been featured as one of South Florida's top video production companies specializing in a wide range of video production services. We are currently expanding to Fort Myers and the surrounding areas.

We create dynamic video content for brands in a variety of industries. We have a team of professionals, including writers, directors, cinematographers, animators, audio engineers, event videographers, and editors capable of handling a wide range of productions, from small one videographer shoots to large-scale multi-crew productions. Check out our review at FixThePhoto.


Our passion for production is the key to our success. Regardless of the production budget, our mission is to deliver 110% effort and enthusiasm to every project.


Contact us if you have a video commercial to shoot, a brand that needs a visual upgrade, a product launch, an event that needs video coverage, or anything pertaining to the audiovisual field.

Miami videographers & cinematographers
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contructing story and emotions through precision video editing.

Post-production Services

Editing is the final stage of the creative production process. The objective is to bring it all home in the post-production phase by enhancing the images and cleaning/correcting audio. Ultimately the final product will display an adequately constructed story or message without distractions such as lousy video framing, lighting, color issues, or weak audio signals.

The post-production team at ReyFilm consists of editors, animators, designers, compositors, and audio engineers. The team is proficient in various software, including Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Cinema 4D, and MAYA, among others.


As technology rapidly evolves, our mission at ReyFilm is not only to adapt and incorporate trending techniques but to revolutionize the field with a fresh, forward-thinking approach that puts our clients ahead of the curb.

Contact us for assistance on your video commercial, web, social media promo, music video, or event recap.

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Corporate Projects

We understand the tight schedules and chaotic nature of corporate events, so our videography crew makes every effort to insert itself as an asset as opposed to a hindrance. We organize our shoot in a way where we can work independently while securing all the video coverage needed. Our goal with every client is to build a game plan together, which then allows us to execute the plan without being a disturbance.

The ReyFilm team produces corporate video projects in fields such as technology, non-profits, sporting events, fashion, education, finance, transportation, health care, and many more. 

Event videographer. Trade show floor film session. ReyFilm on location shooting corporate interviews.
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Commercial video production shoot. On location film session. Miami, Fl production.
Commercial Projects

The video production Miami team at ReyFilm produces commercial audiovisual projects for marketing and advertising firms, governmental agencies, small to large businesses, design firms, and many more. Our range of commercial services includes the following.

Videos optimized for social media platforms and social engagement.
Social Media Video

From A-Z, ReyFilm is a full production media agency. We create content that resonates with your brand's voice. We specialize in creating videos that add value and improve engagement with your social media following. We can work within your currently running marketing campaigns to not only fill voids but advance the strategy via the use of video. Using video has been proven as an effective way of increasing the return on marketing investment

Sports promo video productions
Entertainment Video 

ReyFilm is a producer of content in spaces such as sports, film, television, and more such as:

Web Series             Music Videos   

Documentaires       Independent films

T.V. Pilots                Concerts

Event Productions 

ReyFilm manages and produces seminars, conventions, trade shows, concerts, conferences, festivals, and corporate meetings.

We can assist not only from a content production aspect but also as a one-stop solution for the event. We can supply videographers, staging, lighting, sound systems, av and pa systems, and more.  

Rely on our expertise as one of the leading media companies in Miami, FL.

Miami videographer. Specialized event prductions and videography. Events, seminars, tradeshows, conferences, and more. Reyfilm is one of the leading media companies in Miami, FL.
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A Miami based video production agency committed to the creation of cinematic content for the web, t.v, and social media marketing campaigns.

Welcome to ReyFilm

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