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Corporate Video Production Company

Reyfilm video productions create highly cinematic corporate videos for companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries.


Each piece of corporate content we create regardless of the size will follow a narrative/storytelling structure. When creating content, it is wise to see things from the viewers perspective, as this will ensure you create something of value. The way to trigger action in a viewer is to produce a video that delivers a powerful message and engages the spectator by creating a pleasant viewing experience.


ReyFilm can manage all three stages of the production process to ensure that from conception, the project, vision, and goals are rock solid. Below you will find our areas of expertise in corporate productions. 

Script Writing

Location Scouting

Video Editing

Visual Effects



Motion Graphics

Sound Design

Reyfilm has produced videos for international brands, small and large corporations, and highly respected speakers. We have interviewed fortune 500 CEOs and executives. Our catalog of work includes corporate profile videos for institutions and entrepreneurs.


Our mission is always to deliver a technically perfect product that showcases excellent cinematography, audio, color, motion graphics, animation, and story.


The other objective is for our clients to reach the goals they have set for the video. When one of our clients begins the video making journey, they do so with expectations meaning this video is either intended to serve as a marketing tool, educational piece or accomplish a specific goal, so it is our job from the initial stages of production to create a video that achieves this for our client.

The Corporate Video Specifics

What is a corporate video?


Essentially a corporate video is any video content specially produced for the corporate landscape. The video can have many applications, for example, internal communication and announcements or serve as the foundations for education and employee training. A corporate video can also serve as an external marketing tool in the form of an advertising commercial such as a corporate profile video, brand and culture segment, or a recruiting pitch video.


Video has been in use since the day it became possible to show commercials to the masses. Historically the cost of video production and air time were too much for some companies to take advantage of its benefits. In 2019 technology has streamlines production, and there are so many cost-effective distribution channels that there's no reason a company or brand is not using the medium to showcase their brands. Video has and continue to be in use because the return on investment makes it an excellent vehicle to grow brands reach and revenue.

Below we can see early adoption of a corporate video used as an external marketing piece for their products. The company is Bulova Watches, and the 15-seconds corporate commercial they created aired during the 1941 world series.

First Corporate Commercial Ever Made

Corporate Video Goals

  • Increase revenue

  • Reduce business cost


Both of the objectives above are achievable by the use of video. By replacing traditional communications such as pamphlets, presentations, or speaking seminars with a video, you gain speed, scalability, analytics, and optimized targeting.

The main objective of a corporate video is to serve as a vehicle for effective communication. Good marketing is achieved by any medium that can create clarity for a brand, product, or service. Why use video? Because statistics prove, it is the most favorable delivery option for the masses. Video is everywhere almost to the point where if your content does not have a video representation, you may appear left behind. The rise of mobile has also significantly impacted video viewership. The convenience of watching a video as opposed to reading small text is a favorable option. 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile devices.

Corporate Video Applications


  • Homepage Company Videos

  • Brand Videos

  • Content Marketing Videos

  • Testimonial Videos

  • Product Explainer Videos

  • Event Videos

  • Vlog / Webinar Videos

  • 360 Videos

  • Social Media Videos

  • Trade Show Videos

  • Website Background Videos

  • 3D Product Animation Videos

  • Annual Recap Videos

  • Company History Documentaries


  • TV Commercials

  • Facebook Video Ads

  • Instagram Video Ads

  • Twitter Video

  • Display Network Ads

  • YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

Human Resources

  • Recruiting Videos

  • Orientation Videos

  • HR Training Videos

  • External Culture Videos

  • Internal Culture Videos

  • Event Recaps


  • Investor Relations

  • VC Fundraising Videos

  • Kickstarter Videos

  • Financial Results Announcements


  • Training Videos

  • Safety Video

  • FAQ Videos


  • Internal Company Announcements

  • Office Lobby Loop

The video you choose to make is dependent on factors such as the industry, company culture, goals, and products or services. Ultimately the objective is to create a video that maximizes value.

A video optimized for your goals that follows proper execution and distribution can change the revenue landscape of company within 48-hours. There have been videos throughout history at the forefront of such feats. I will share some examples below of videos that have not only increased a companies revenue, appeal, and reach but outright created new sectors within industries.

Examples of Extremely Effective Videos that Changed Corporations

1. The Dollar Shave Club

This commercial set the bar of possibilities with the execution of a viral online video advertisement. With a budget of just $4,000, dollar shave club became an instant phenomenon. It single-handedly destroyed the companies servers causing them to crash from the traffic overload it created. Once they managed to get the system up and running the orders started flooding in about 12,000 orders within 48 hours. Yeah, it was one viral piece of content.

So why was the video commercial successful on so many levels? For starters it was humorous they used comedy to perfection because it was intertwined with the overall brand messaging plus they hooked you early, and before you knew it, you saw the whole thing and more importantly you remembered it. 


It was memorable.

Secondly, the commercial worked on a personal level. From the start, we meet CEO mike, and we associate the dollar shave brand with his on-screen character, and that character was comical, relatable, and genuine. Not enough to convince you to subscribe to the dollar shave club well how about this. Dollar shave serves a bigger purpose; they are out to help others by reducing unemployment. 


The commercial was educational from the start.


Within 9 seconds we meet the founder, who personally tells us that for a dollar a month they will send high-quality razors right to our door. He lets us know what to expect from their razors making a point that their blades are stainless steel, with a pivoting head and aloe vera lubricating strip.


After breaking down the quality and convenience of their product, they take a jab at the competition.


They took shots at competitors by stating that higher prices don't necessarily mean a better quality product, just bigger ad spend. Meaning these other brands have sponsorship deals with athletes, so their prices need to be two or three times higher based on how much they spend advertising it.


Dollar shave follows the initial jab with a crushing uppercut.


They get us to question our shaving needs. Do we need all the excessive features razors are including these days?


Features affect price and price affect consumers. It is essential to understand what a prospect needs or wants and selling them specifically on that. What sense would it make for a car salesperson to focus on heated seats if you live in Florida its 89 degrees year round? If you as a salesperson focus on the wrong features your hurting the sale by the simple fact that you are focusing on features that are of no interest to the prospect and these features are driving the price up which ultimately hurts your sale. Dollar shave focuses its sales pitch on what they consider consumer want most. Budget-friendly quality razors delivered to their door-step.

Dollar Shave Club doubles down on what they do best which is offer economically priced high-quality razors hassle-free to your door. Shave time, shave money I mean they summarize it all with that. 

Dollar Shave Video Commercial Breakdown

2. Breathing Underwater

Breathing underwater is an excellent example of well-produced branded content. This corporate material follows a traditional film narrative. The law firm that produced the piece was faced with the task of education an entire workforce. The material covered was of extreme importance, so they relied on the proven method of storytelling. Instead of lecturing, the firm hired a full production crew to create relatable characters and a story that viewers could feel as they watched.

3. Coolest Cooler Kick-starter

The coolest cooler video campaign is the perfect example of how beneficial video can be their Kickstarter campaign exhibited a strong well-structured video script. They knew their product well and presented all the features with a lighthearted approach. The cinematography and overall execution of the video were extremely basic but well structured, which resulted in good viewer acceptance. It just makes sense to use an explainer/demo video to do the work for you 24/7.


98% of users state that they have viewed an explainer video to get a better understanding of a product or service. A video that demonstrates product functions can set realistic expectations on product features and uses. It allows you to showcase precisely how a product should be used. Having better-educated clients helps them in their buying decision and product usage, increasing the number of satisfied clients, and positive reviews.


The power of explainer videos is no secret — 45 % of companies who use video marketing state that they have an explainer video on their homepage. Of those businesses, 83% said that their homepage explainer video was effective.

These are examples of videos that have achieved great success and in the case of Dollar Shave and Coolest Cooler a viral status. The norm for most corporate videos are not results like the ones mentioned but the benefits, scalability, analytics, and return on investment are within reach to anyone who uses video.


Some companies have generated millions with a single video meaning there is a strategy to be used where you can also create a revenue stream through video whether it is $25,000 or $5 million depends on your unique approach.

ReyFilm On location - Miami Video Produc

ReyFilm has been featured as a top corporate video production company in Miami, FL, and has received national recognition as one of the premiere video production companies in Florida.

Why use videos

Indepth Video Marketing Benefits

Few things coexist together more seamless than video and marketing. Visual stimulation has always been a preferred method of exhibiting products and services by marketers. TV commercials are part of television history and have been around since the dawn of T.V. programming.


The benefits of video in today's market


The speed and efficiency in which a video can be produced and distributed make it an ideal tool for marketing campaigns. If you combine video with the targeting capabilities of PPC advertising, display advertising, affiliate marketing, or social media, you will use a preferred medium to reach the right audience. It is important to note that social media can create the phenomena known as virality. If the content uploaded is fresh and memorable, it can spread organically because of the shareable nature within the social networks, which in turn creates loads of organic (free) traffic.

Below is a data-packed infographic prepared by Joe Rinaldi, it shares useful insights and statistics on video and user behavior surrounding it. 

Infographic Highlights

  • 75 Million people in the U.S. watch online videos every day.

  • Merely mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%.

  • Nearly 50% of all video is watched on a mobile device.

  • By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic

  • Videos up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement.

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