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Script Writing

ReyFilm Productions is driven and inspired by the creation of good stories. The fact is for a project to be successful, it is essential to develop a strong foundation. The screenplay is the blueprint for all that follows, meaning the only way to produce the best video is to have the best script possible in place.

A good script may not be enough. Some talented writers can formulate great stories with fantastic insight, depth, and structure, and yet it's still the wrong script for you. Why is that? Because it takes more than good writing. It takes a writer that understands all your needs and formulates a script that hits all the marks. Our job is to hit your storytelling and business objectives from stage one otherwise; you can get a video that although beautiful, is still the wrong video for you.


We have a unique writing process at ReyFilm. Our team of writers is well versed in a variety of mediums such as advertising, documentaries, film, television, business, sketch comedy, and more. Because of this diversity, we can pull the right person from the talent pool that best suits each project.


ReyFilm can assist with your writing and development needs for a range of projects such as:

Corporate videos

Brand Videos

Explainer Videos

Training Videos

Recruitment Videos

Crowdfunding Videos

Pitch Videos

TV Commercials

Music Videos

Independent Films

Viral Videos


Movie Trailers

Broadcast Promos

At ReyFilm, we can work and develop an existing script or formulate a brand new one for you. Our job is to research the subject matter, target audience, and goals from which we develop optimized creative options.

Screen Writing Break-Down 


Whether its Video, Film or a T.V. commercial a script is the blueprint that dictates when and where all audiovisuals will appear. Any proper pre-production includes the creation of a solid script as well as the appropriate dissection of the same script to evaluate how the coverage will be shot. After lining the script we proceed with the following step of developing a detailed shot list which will aid in the filming process.

The Shot List:

A shot list is an essential tool on set. When prepared correctly, it gives the director of photography a clear guide of the necessary shots. This guide could be as specific as the lens that will be used for each shot. 

The Importance of Pre-Production:

In film production, every hour spent shooting out on the field can be expensive, because of this, we evaluate every project extensively creating an execution plan to guarantee efficient work. When using ReyFilm for a project, you can rest assured that we have an exact blueprint for the daily shooting requirements ensuring zero dead time, passing the savings on to our customers.

Our Pre-Production Workflow:

- Script

- Location Scouting

- Talent casting

- Lined script

- Shot list

- Shooting schedule

- Lighting diagram 

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