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Video Editing Services

When it comes to production, a case can be made that editing reigns in importance. A production can have an assortment of high-tech gear and software, but without an experienced editor, it means nothing. The team at ReyFilm counts on editors with years of post-production experience.


At ReyFilm we have several editors that specialize in editing niches such as documentary work, music videos, tv spots, sports reels, film trailers, title sequences, animation, corporate events, motion graphics, product videos, educational content.


This diversity in expertise ensures the right craftsman is at the helm of every projects post-production phase.

ReyFilm productions provide video editing services for the following types of projects:

The editing phase is, without a doubt, an artistic process which means it is subjective. It can be approached and interpreted from various perspectives. There are multiple ways to craft any story, and you can make from the same raw footage a dozen different videos which mean that precise knowledge of the videos intent and good taste on the part of the editor are crucial for the desired result.


The editor is in charge of organizing all the pieces, crafting the story frame by frame while sculpting image and sound to work as a cohesive unit of a narrative.


ReyFilm offers a full range of video editing services, including:

Green Screen Keying


Color Correction

Surround Sound Mixing

3D Animation

Motion Graphics

Audio Mastering


Video Encoding

Sound Design

So basically our editing process can go from basic to extremely complex, which means our video editing services can adjust to all clients and budgets. We can work with your script or storyboard to splice together your footage artistically. We embrace the concept of seamless editing and consider an excellent cut to be invisible, and that's our goal.


Quick Breakdown:

  • Story-line edit

  • Exposure correction

  • Color grading

  • Audio: Dialogue editing

  • Audio: Foley

  • Audio: SFX

  • Audio: Track mixing

  • Rendering

Video editing miami,, REY Productions LLC

TV Commercials

Corporate Videos

Music Videos

Brand Videos

Independent Films

Promo Videos


Viral Videos

Title Sequences

Pitch Videos

Movie Trailers

Web Commercials

Broadcast Promos

Concert Visuals

Social Media Videos

Event Recaps

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