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How to develop a T.V. script

A script is essentially a road map. Word by word they paint the images that will eventually appear on screen. A good script should be very specific about what we see and hear. When a writing a script the action should be put on display instead of being narrated like a novel would. Usually for T.V. scripts you separate the visuals from the audio by having each use their own columns. Visuals correspond on the left while audio is set on the right. On the visuals column you would write everything we see on screen as it happens, directly to the right of the visuals column you write in detail what we hear, be it dialogue or SFX. The T.V industry is a fast paced medium and usually production requires a faster turn around, therefore the script deviates from the traditional film layout because the T.V. setup is essentially a script and shot list rolled into one. Take a look at the image for an example of a T.V script.

T.V Script


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