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Boost Sales by Adding a Video to Your Products Landing Page

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Attention spans are at an all-time low. You'd be lucky to get 8 seconds of dedicated attention out of a person in today's fast-paced hyperactive world.

This brings us to video, an easily digestible medium preferred by many.

The popularity of video content is evident because YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google.

So, if you are selling anything, that's right; literally, anything incorporating a video into your landing page will improve engagement or, at the very least, provide another option for visitors to learn about your product.

In this article, you'll learn how to use video on your product landing pages and generate more sales.

Why Should You Use Video on Product Landing Page

As a business, your goal should be to boost sales. Using video content on your product landing pages can do just that; let's check out some numbers below.

According to Statista, YouTube has more than 2.3 Billion users worldwide. So, people love video content that much we know.

The ability for video content to influence purchasing decisions is pretty pronounced if we consider the following stat: 80% of consumers make a buying decision after watching a product video.

And, 60% of marketers use video marketing to boost their conversions. So, if you are not, now would be the time to get started.

Moreover, marketers that use video marketing see a 34% higher conversion rate.

Benefits of Using Video on Product Landing Pages

Your landing page allows you to inform and educate visitors about whatever it is you are selling. It focuses on a single objective: Getting as many conversions as possible.

Video can help you achieve that.

Video can display and describe your product much better than text alone, and video is the next best thing after an in-store experience with the product.

Let's dive into the benefits of video on a Product Landing Page

Video Content is Easy to Consume

One of the prominent reasons why video performs so well in marketing campaigns is because it appeals to lazy buyers. Video is a passive experience; all the person needs to do is kick back and watch. How easy is that? Reading lines of text requires more of a commitment from the prospect.

You'd be hard press to find a better delivery vehicle for your marketing message than video. Plus, with access to fast mobile devices, busy consumers can find video anywhere even while on the go.

So, with video on your landing page, you make it easy for anyone with a slight interest in your product to learn more about what it has to offer.

Videos are Engaging

A landing page's primary objective is to get conversions. And, to achieve that, you first need to engage your visitors so that they learn how your product can benefit them.

Videos make it easier for you to illustrate the PROBLEM your product solves, and ultimately that's the only thing anyone cares about how your product will solve their problem.

Videos tend to be more engaging than text and images as they combine sound, text, and visuals in one format.

According to research, consumers are 10 times more prone to interact with a video than text. And, more engagement means higher chances of getting sales for your business.

People more often prefer watching video over reading text as it gets the point across while again requiring minimal to no energy on their part.

Moreover, it's easier to absorb information with video as opposed to a block of text. Many will skim over your copy to save time, and this leads to essential product details getting skipped over, but an engaging video gets seen start to finish.

So, you have better odds of explaining your offerings with video, which will eventually help your sales.

Video Builds Brand Association

Brand association is another fantastic benefit you get with video. It's easier to make a buying decision when the consumer recognizes the brand.

And video allows you to showcase your branding visually and appealingly, letting your brands' personality shine.

The fact is, a video can increase your brand's recognition by 139%. And, having a recognizable brand almost always pays off in the shape of more engaged prospects.

Videos are More Descriptive

Long blocks of text aren't user-friendly. Sure, you can include lots of images; still, it doesn't quite reach the effectiveness of a well-produced video.

Video permits you to add as much detail as you could want about your product because people tolerate large amounts of information when served to them in an easy-to-consume video format. On the contrary, large blocks of text will have your visitors returning from where they came from.

For instance, you show your prospects how to use your product in less time and more effectively. Im sure you've heard the expression, "Show me, don't tell me."

Probably the most effective way to showcase a product's features and benefits is an explainer video. You can talk about the problem your prospects might be facing and then propose a solution in the form of your product or service. People always want to learn about how to solve their problems, so using a video illustrating how your product can solve their issue will surely boost product conversions.

According to research, around 85% of consumers are more prone to buying a product when they see an explainer video of that product.

So, once you get your prospects on your landing page, grab their attention with a great video thumbnail and tell everything about your product in a fun, interactive way.

We'll be talking about creating a thumbnail that your visitors would want to click on later in the article.

By providing detailed information about your product in a brief explainer video, you'd be helping your prospects make a confident buying decision.

Videos Explain a Product Better

You want your prospects to know about your product even if some of its features are complicated. Text and images aren't that effective when it comes to explaining something intricate or new.

Thanks to the visual nature of the video format, you can explain your product effectively. And, as you present your product better, the prospect's understanding of such product also increasing leading to a more informed prospect that's that much closer to making a buying decision.

So, it would be safe to say that you have a better chance of communicating your entire message by using video.

Videos Help Your Landing Page Rank Higher on Google

Generally, a landing page with a video on it tends to rank higher than a non-video landing page.

There are quite a few SEO factors that are at play here. We'll discuss them later in a separate section.

The vital thing to know for now is that video boosts your landing page ranking, bringing more traffic to it.

And, traffic is what you need to boost sales, right?

Videos Get and Retain People's Attention

Engagement is what all the brands are after. If you want to drive conversions for your brand, getting people engaged should be your first goal.

One great way to attract and retain prospects' attention is by using an engaging video on your product landing page.

Probably the only way to drive decisions from prospects is by effectively communicating your brand message. Video lets you accomplish that.

Video also keeps your visitors on your landing page longer (boosting SEO); this helps them absorb your message, helping the sales process.

In an era where people have an attention span of 8 seconds on average, video can make your potential customers stick longer.

With an engaging video, you can retain your audience and help them make a more informed decision about the product.

To make a landing page video effective, make sure you place it in a position that gets instant eye-balls. This way, people that aren't inclined to reading text will engage right off the bat.

Most People Prefer Video over Text

The simple and understandable reason anyone would prefer to watch a video over text is that they get double the information in less time and with less effort on their part.

No matter what industry you are in, it would be best to consider allowing your prospects to choose how they want to consume the content. Providing both text and video gives you flexibility and better odds of satisfying a customer's preference.

Here is a supporting fact: Wyzow's research suggests that 79% of consumers prefer to watch rather than read.

Moreover, the 8-second attention span is worth mentioning again. With such a short attention span, a video seems to be the ideal choice for the shoppers of this era.

As videos are more visual and engaging, they keep your landing page visitors hooked to whatever you are trying to convey to them.

And, the more you can convey to your prospects, the better your chances of generating sales.

Videos Build an Emotional Bond with the Viewer

One of the most impactful strategies for brands is establishing an emotional connection with the prospects.

You have a much better chance of building an emotional bond with your visitors by using video.

This is especially true when you use visual aids, human voice, and animation in your videos.

Here are some strategies to make that emotional bond strong:

  • Consider telling your brand story concisely

  • Identify and evoke the emotions of your viewers

  • A/B test voice-overs to land on the one that gets the highest engagement

You want your potential customers to feel good about your brand and product, right? Video helps businesses to achieve that quickly.

A strong emotional bond isn't only great for sales, but it also keeps your prospects loyal to your brand.

So, make sure you include a video on your product landing page that capitalizes on the emotions.

Videos Boost Conversions

Probably the main thing you're looking to achieve with your landing page is conversions.

On landing pages, most if not all actions should lead to a conversion; whether it is a sale or a registration, the landing page should be pushing for a set goal.

Video tends to achieve that relatively effectively. It allows you to address prospects' emotions, describe your product in detail, and keep them engaged while finally introducing the call to action (CTA).

Video Content Has Proven to Bring Results

A persuasive copy and appealing images might bring you great results, but video marketing allows you to widen your reach while spreading your messaging.

Including a video on your landing page that gets visitors' attention, engages them, and inspires action can bring you great results.

Look at these facts as evidence.

  • A video from a brand convinces 84% of consumers to buy from that brand

  • Using a video on a landing page can increase its conversion rate by 80%

  • Brands that utilize video marketing see a 49% more revenue growth

  • 85% of businesses use video marketing

Said differently video content is easy to consume and effectively delivers your message; it brings impressive returns for your business.

But, of course, you'd have to use the correct type of video in the right way. We'll be discussing this point later in the article.

Tips to Boost Sales with a Product Landing Page Video

There are a few best practices that can make your landing page video significantly more impactful. Let's discuss them.

Put Your Video Above the Fold

Video will trigger a prospect's engagement; therefore, you should put it above the fold.

This means when someone lands on your page, they should see your video and be able to click on it without needing to scroll.

Keep Your Video Short and Concise

While using a video on a landing page increases the dwell time, it shouldn't be too long.

Remember, people these days have a historically low attention span. Since video grabs attention, it's probably your best bet at keeping them hooked.

So, keep a good balance of conciseness and length to improve the dwell time (for Google ranking) and converting visitors.

Create a Compelling Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail essentially decides whether a visitor clicks on your video to watch it or not. So, creating an actionable thumbnail is vital.

How to Nail Your Product Video Thumbnail?

Let's see how to create a thumbnail to tempt visitors to play your video.

1. Keep Your Thumbnail Text Short and Easy to Understand

While a human face with a smile on a thumbnail adds credibility to a video thumbnail, don't forget to include a short yet concise text.

Plus, your visitors shouldn't have to read it twice. It should be easy to understand for everyone.

2. Keep it Relevant

This goes without saying but is worth mentioning. Keep your thumbnail to the point. You don't want your prospects to think about anything other than what they are about to watch.

Talk about your offer in an engaging way and keep everything simple and easy to understand.

3. Use Complementary Colors

Colors are an essential part of your landing page design. Use complementary colors that are easy on the eyes of the viewer.

Using the right combination of colors will impact your visitors positively. You can use the color wheel to land on the best combination.

4. Be Consistent

Keep your design and content consistent throughout the thumbnail. Add short and subtle branding graphics.

5. Test and Analyze

Lastly, don't settle even if you see good results. Keep testing, analyzing, and improving to achieve even better results with your thumbnail.

If you embed a YouTube video, you can track your click-through rate to see if your thumbnail is working well.

Direct Landing Page Visitors to the Video with Visual Cues

If you are using a video at the top of the page, you don't need visual cues to direct users to it.

However, if a visitor has to scroll down even a little bit, consider adding visual cues to direct them to your video.

Your attractive video thumbnail should do the rest of the work.