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Preferred camera for commercial video project's?

The camera of choice may be unique to each project, as each shoot has its own requirements. Actually many shoots require multiple cameras. This may be true if you are capturing multiple angles of a live interview, but can also be the case when you need to have designated cameras for specific shots. A quick example would be an aerial take, here you may go with the phantom drone. Or maybe you need a tight well stabilized shot, well take your pick between the Panasonic GH5 or the Sony A7s.

More often than not I enjoy filming with the Blackmagic URSA 4.6K pro. This camera is well balanced, light, visually stunning and very capable of producing cinema like imagery.

The Blackmagic 4.6K is well equipped with professional audio inputs to allow great in camera synched audio, perfect for ENG, commercial, documentary, or studio productions.

Just remember not one camera is perfect, each job will have specific requirements that will lean you towards the use of one camera over another. Evaluate the requirements for the job and make a smart decision using the information you have.


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