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Creative video services and client comprehension.

Like with any creative project things are subjective. What may seem clear to you is not to another individual. When a client hires a video production company to illustrate their ideas on video most likely they are not aware of everything that has to happen for those ideas to translate well to a visual medium such as video.

Things get even more complicated when your limited to 30 or 60 seconds such as in a commercial. The production company has to really nail down a script that conveys meaning in that limited time. 

It may be your job to sway your client away from an initial idea because its just not viable. Especially when your client expects to make over 5 key points in one commercial.

The idea is to hone in on one message, or selling point  and driving that home. There is room to showcase several messages in one commercial as long as they integrate with one another and don't destroy the commercials pacing. 

My initial question to a client. What do you want to achieve with the commercial? and let's make precisely that happen.


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