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Video commercial with meaning and clear message.

A commercial should have a clear purpose, there should be something this commercial achieves for the company. Whether it's branding, educate, exhibit a product or whatever the case may be it should be clear on its message. The message should obviously be of value to the company otherwise why make it.

So the first thing to do when developing a commercial is identifying what's the purpose for its existence. When that's clear we have to make sure the message is visual and capable of translating well to video. 

Once that's done we have to work with timing. Commercials are not long pieces of content so they must be quite direct and to the point.  Scripting gives us a clear indicator on how were looking as far as time is concerned.  Having a script made also sets the pace and keeps us organized.

We like to envision video commercial projects as if they were short films. Having a properly designed set, wardrobe, and characters give us a boost in production value. 

We are in the process of developing the initial concept for our own commercial. What do we want from this commercial? Branding. We want to establish our brand and our flavor for all to see so we will do just that by being unique in all our decisions from pre-production to the final edit.


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