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Video production

To us video production is communication. Film is a form of expressing something that needs to be said, whether that's creating visuals for a world renowned script or a small piece for an advertising campaign, it's all about expressing a thought. This should be the essence of a film production, without meaning behind every scene your left with a simple montage of pictures. I'm not saying you have to have shakespearean material on your hands but you must be clear on what your telling the world otherwise there will be confusing elements to your finished product.

Video production is thinking, meditation, brainstorming, contemplation, and finally pen to paper. You must write layers to your story, commercial, music video, etc. Its of great importance to have several lines of strength in your piece, just like a director of photography would have shot variations that complement each other. Your piece should have depth and dimension, characters should be three dimensional as opposed to paper thin marionettes doing your bidding. All this takes careful planning and dissection.

Video production is organization. To have the discipline to allow time for desk work, you should respect your client enough to come into battle as prepared as possible. Video production should not be improvised, it requires a blueprint to be cemented and dissected. You must be clear on filming locations, you should be comfortable with the lighting situations there even if it means you taking the time to prepare a lighting diagram. An organized shot-list detailing all the intricacies of the shots plus the shooting order is a must plus an equipment list as this guarantees your taking everything you'll need. If your not organized your doing a disservice to your client.

Video production is managing stress. Your out on the field and you can't catch a break, the on-screen talent is irritated, your having sound issues because your picking up undesired ambient noise from nearby traffic and your way behind schedule because you've had 26 takes of each shot. You know how they call that in the biz? Stress. It's part of the deal, comes packaged in, sorry. Either you learn to manage it or it eats you alive, that simple. All productions will not run smoothly regardless of how much you prepared because in film/video production there's to many variables, to many moving parts. Video production is definitely a team effort, sometimes your battling against the weather, traffic, pedestrians, you name it. If you don't have a supporting team behind you it's going to be rough, if the team you do have is not cooperating that may be worse than not having a team. Directing talent and getting the best performance out of them is also testy. Working with some individuals can be delightful and I wish these people for all of you interested in directing but you must know there's another batch of actors which really make

you appreciate the good ones. Learn to deal with the stresses of video production or you just won't make the cut.


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