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How to make a Kickstarter campaign video.

Any kickstarter video campaign should be made with a clear purpose. From the beginning you should have a clear goal as to what it is you wish to achieve and transmit through with the video. Obviously kickstarter campaigns are launched to secure funding but that's easier said than done. 

For this reason kickstarter campaigns must be supplemented with all the visual aid imaginable. Campaign donors must see work behind the scenes and recognize the effort you are making to bring this project to life. It's very important to show proof of concept and sweat equity otherwise why would anyone give their hard earned money to help your cause.

Video is very beneficial as a sneak peak of what's to come, preparing a video promo of your product or service could be enough to push a donor that's indecisive. Video is powerful because through properly edited clips you can present a complete story within seconds that will serve as a great illustration of the potential behind your campaign. 

Written words can only go so far at some point people just need to see what it is you plan to do and more importantly what it is you've done so far. Explainer videos can serve a campaign designed for products marvelously as they can highlight product features, prices, quality, and much more.

Successful campaigns have several lines of strength they are not dependent on just one thing, they combine a cocktail of reasons and supporting facts that stimulate donor action. If you wish to have your campaign succeed then you must understand who it is your targeting and prepare a good enough reason to justify a donation. Why would you donate if you were in their shoes. 


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