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Videos For Real Estate Agents 2018

If your one of the millions of real estate agents out there then you need a way to separate from the crowd. Exhibiting your personality and market knowledge in the form of video can be just the thing to warrant the acquisition of more buyers and sellers.

Types of videos that fit the needs of real estate agents:

Bio-Video: this video serves the purpose of acclimating a potential client with your personality before they ever meet you. In this video, you can share small bits of your background while bringing clients up to speed on your current experience as a master realtor. It's important to note that you must sell your expertise and personality before anyone will trust you with the selling or purchasing of a home. A video like this serves as the perfect digital introduction which can make all the difference in a clients selection process of a real estate agent.

Zone video: the idea here to highlight an area which can be extremely helpful to a buyer whose unfamiliar with it. This video can serve you for multiple listings as realtors usually have several listings within miles of each other. Providing information about things such as nightlife, schools, good eateries, and the overall pulse of an area will work wonders for your marketing needs. Providing valuable content such as this will identify you as an industry leader whose interest is to provide clients with all the information needed to aid in their decision-making process.

Listing Video: this video is the perfect marketing tool for when you have a home that's selling. Through video, we can highlight the properties best features and integrate it all in a smooth flowing video. The idea is to encompass all the elements of the home while providing essential information in the form of graphics and animated text. The advantage to a listing video is that you can radically scale the volume of views for a particular home as this digital material could be shown globally.

V-Log videos: these videos are great for when you have already acquired a following and need to provide your viewers with weekly content. These videos can run a little longer and usually do not have scripts as the other forms of videos do. The objective of this video is to combine recent news and possibly newly acquired listings in a relaxed tone, think of it as more of a conversation between you and your followers.

Creating the marketing campaign

When creating the funnel for your campaign, it is beneficial to have the first three videos created as this introduces who you are, what you do, and ultimately what you're selling. It's important to be very organized when marketing as this yields higher conversions; this is why sometimes ads seem as they were talking directly to us the consumer. It is fundamental to know what to show and when to show it; especially in this digital age where we have so much control over our advertising. Placing the correct piece of content at the right stage of a customers decision-making process will increase conversions and turn a random customer going through searches into a client you have locked in.


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