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Video services in the city of Miami, FL FAQ

1. how long have we been in business?

We officially started in 2011, and it has been a great journey ever since. We are a small but passionate group. We have an office in Miami and a small studio in Hialeah, FL.

2. who needs video?

Mainly to advertise your product or service but there also clients that hire us for corporate events such as seminars, trade shows, and conferences. Video is growing rapidly as we now have the means of distribution at our fingertips.

Examples of industries that use video heavily:

Real Estate

Real estate agents use videos for home listings, for their profiles, to showcase neighborhoods and a couple more applications. Video allows them to get information out at scale.

Medical Clinics

The clinics we have worked with have found that video can be a great form of educating patients on treatments, new procedures, and after-care. We have also set up film sessions to get client testimonials as this is great for building trust among other patients. Its human nature to be more trusting once they see others have trusted and gotten good results.

Service industry

We have clients who flat out want to show the world how good they are at what they do for example we have an A/C company who once a week has us film one of their installations and they post it on all their social networks. We will share a couple of examples below so that you can get an illustration of what we're referring to.

These videos below are from tattoo shop which is on a subscription package with us.

3. what are the usual payment terms on our projects?

We charge a $100 deposit to book and lock date for clients. The payment breakdown is 50% upon starting production, and this means any aspect of production including casting, location scouting, screenwriting, etc. The remaining 50% is due upon delivery of the finished video.

4. what is the turn-around time for the completed project?

This question is difficult to answer as each project is unique, but on smaller to medium scale productions, we usually have a one-week turnaround. If it's a simple shoot, then we can get your video ready in as little as two days.

5. What video equipment do you use?

We use professional cinema cameras on 90% of productions, and we prefer it this way as it gives us the best image quality. For those micro-budget productions that need services at a lower cost then we can appease and shoot on DSLR's. We are also stocked with all the necessary equipment for professional video production such as lights, tripods, dollies, crane, stabilizers, and more.

6. So why choose us?

If you decide to trust us with your video production project this time I can guarantee you this will be the last time you will search for a video production company.

Our approach is to deliver on what we promise and make the project an enjoyable experience for our clients. Although we do advertise the majority of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals. We have built our business on the back of excellent services and great relationships. If the people that trusted you are happy with the product you delivered and the way you treated them, then there's no way to fail because quite frankly they will be needing you again and will probably encounter someone that needs you as well.

See the opinion of a few of our clients below:

In case we need more validation check out what Robert shared about us below. Just beware he's watching you!


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