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Principles and foundations of sales

Focus on the customer; we make the mistake of making sales about us, and it's not it's all about the customer.

Listen to the customer, if you make a habit of listening to your customers they will tell you exactly what they need which makes the process of you giving it to them easier. If you feel the customer is not opening up then ask questions and steer the conversation in a direction which provides you with valuable information.

Don't be a stereotypical salesperson, meaning don't talk a mile a minute or be pushy so try to be casual and provide value even during the call or meeting an important note though providing value does not mean to do free consulting keep things on topic and focus specifically on the value your solution offers.

Follow up; sales require multiple contact points before a person commits. It sucks I wish everyone said yes off the bat, but it just does not happen this way. So follow through via calls or email and let them know you are there for them.

Lastly, relax and enjoy it incorporate humor into your sales pitch if possible but understand sales is about rejection the majority of the people you reach out to will say no, but if you can get 2 or 3 out of 10 you will be in great shape.


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