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12,000 ORDERS in 48HRS | How to make a VIRAL COMMERICAL? | Breaking down the DOLLAR SHAVE COMMERICAL

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The dollar shave commercial was revolutionary because it brought a relatively unknown company mainstream attention. Better yet, the video commercial did it with a bang creating a massive amount of buzz around this new product/service subscription. Within 48 hours, the world or at least a good portion of it knew the name dollar shave.

Why was the commercial spot successful? Well, it achieved to break down what they offer in a simple, humorous skit. Yep simple, we know, but that's what made the ad so shareable and eventually viral. After watching the commercial, you knew what they sold and how much it cost, and in true dollar shave fashion, they hinted as to why they are the better option in the market.

The dollar shave club commercial was memorable and stuck with you like old gum on a shoelace. It spread like wildfire resulting in massive traffic and razor subscribers.


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