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Using video through google's ad platform to reach real estate buyers and sellers

So you're a real estate agent, and you are looking to get the right leads meaning actual people who have an interest in your services. If this is the case and you are not using google your missing out.

How can Google help in your marketing efforts?

Search campaign: this is a standard campaign where you reach browsers based on your selection of keywords. If you create a good landing page experience that corresponds to the keywords you are advertising with Google will value your page as a good fit for its browsers this, in turn, gives your keywords higher rankings which means you can have a higher search page position while paying less.

How to create a good landing page experience?

Its simple your page must be an asset for the people online who are searching for the keywords you have chosen to advertise with.

In the case of Realtors, let's say you want to target individuals looking to sell their homes well you create an ad along with a landing page that speaks directly to the people searching the keywords for this particular ad.

On the page, you embed a video that you created specifically for this ad meaning its geared directly to people looking to sell their homes. This video should highlight everything you bring to the table including all the tools you will use to get the clients home sold. A video introduces you as a market leader and separates you from the pack plus its definitely a great way of presenting yourself digitally to a possible client.

Make sure you have created an ad that corresponds to your keywords and that the landing page is optimized to serve the people looking for these keywords. Meaning an ad geared for real estate sellers should have a different landing page than the one for buyers remember your page needs to answer their queries from the moment they land without them having to dig around your site.

The better your page, the better your results not only will you convert more clients but google will see you as a good asset and ultimately improve your search ranking results. To get the best page possible, you must create it with the user in mind meaning provide an excellent experience by including information in text form and video form.

Using the in-market audience within Google's display campaign to reach individuals looking for real estate.

With a google display campaign, you can select to deliver your ads specifically to individuals who have expressed interest in your market through their in-market option. You create your advertising campaign around the segment you have chosen to target and optimize your ad for these people.

These Ads tend to cost less because it uses a different approach from a search campaign. In a search campaign, a browser is actively looking at that particular time which means he's primed to purchase. In a display campaign, the person is just browsing the internet, and you're feeding him an ad based on your knowledge of their interest in that particular market, so they're not coming to you it's you that's reaching out to them which is an entirely different dynamic.

Setting up and optimizing your realtor video campaign on AdWords.

First step: determine who your target is will it be buyers, sellers, maybe both? If its both that's fine, but you must target them independently if you want to be successful. Think of it this way a buyer is not interested in how capable you are of selling a home their only concern is how hard you're willing to work to get them their dream home, so any information that does not speak directly to that will be irrelevant to them. You must create videos and ads for each group to be successful.

Second step: Make the video. Create a script that highlights what you will do for the client and why you're the clear choice for them. In production make sure your videographer uses proper lighting and an excellent wireless microphone. Having a well-lit image and crisp dialogue is fundamentally essential for any commercial otherwise you will diminish your brand and possibly hurt your chances at converting the client.

Third step: Upload your video to youtube and create the video ad on AdWords. Follow the steps on creating your ad and select the payment parameters that suit your needs.

Fourth step: Narrow your target audience and reach the right people. Although there are numerous options, I would suggest you concentrate your efforts on interests, placement, topics, and keywords. Let's break these down individually as they relate to real estate.

Narrowing your target audience correctly.

Interests: with interests, you are essentially selecting and targeting people who have demonstrated an interest in real estate even when their not searching for real estate. So if they have a history of exploring real estate your ad will be visible by them even when on pages not related to real estate.

Placement: This feature allows you to specifically choose where to show your ad on the Google network. For example, you could decide to place your ad on one of the hottest youtube real estate channels, or even single out which particular video you want your commercial to appear on or if you prefer you can also target websites related to real estate through the display network and have your ad seen that way.

Topics: what topic does is it allows you to target a topic and display your ad on an extensive network of related websites, channels, and videos that relate directly to your topic. So as a real estate agent, you should consider running your ads through topics that include real estate. As opposed to other options with topics you have less control of narrowing down to your particular niche. Through topics, your left with displaying your video ad broadly across anything related to real estate but it's an excellent place to start when you are not sure what route to take with your ad campaign. Topics at least assure you will reach people within the right circle.

Keywords: depending on the ad format you can use keyword and phrases to determine where to show your ads. For example, let's take the phrase "purchasing real estate." If you were to select this phrase your video ad will show on youtube channels, videos, and websites that deal with purchasing real estate.

Find the right mix that works best for you.

Its good practice to correctly combine these advertising options and cross test how they perform against each other to guarantee the best possible return on your investment.


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