A Guide to Selling Exercise Equipment on eBay

Updated: Jun 21

eBay is a selling platform that connects millions of sellers and buyers worldwide. The platform hosts tons of categories for sellers.

So, if you are an exercise equipment seller and haven't utilized eBay to boost your sales, you should consider getting in on the action.

But, selling on an entirely new platform can be a little tricky. Don't worry, though. This article will help you get started on eBay.

And, by the end of it, you'd know how to sell exercise equipment on eBay. You'd also get to know the techniques that can maximize your sales.

Let's dive into the details.

Why Sell Exercise Equipment on eBay?

The data suggests there are 182 million active buyers on eBay all around the world. eBay is one of the largest online eCommerce marketplaces globally; there are around 1.3 billion product listings on the platform.

These facts should be enticing enough to motivate you to list your exercise equipment on eBay and start selling right now. But, you need to be aware of a few things before you jump in.

Why sell exercise equipment on eBay? Because there's enormous potential within the sports and fitness category on the platform. You can list your products under specific or multiple categories and be visible to prospective buyers within minutes.

How to Price Your Exercise Equipment Competitively?

Even if you have been selling your products outside eBay, you should thoroughly search through the exercise products available on the platform and price your products competitively.

So, invest some time observing what other sellers are offering on eBay.

Consider using the practical tool "What's it worth on eBay." It's a Google Play Store app that tells you the average price of a particular product that sellers have sold in the last few weeks.

Using the What's it worth tool for exercise equipment on eBay.
Source: Play.Google.com

Pay close attention to existing listings on the platform and ask yourself whether you want to go the auction or "Buy it now" route.

Create an Account on eBay

Creating an account on eBay is pretty straightforward. Anyone can sign up for an account on eBay and be up and running within a few minutes.

Creating an eBay account to sell exercise equipment online.
Source: ebay.com

You can also create a business account on eBay, which would be a more professional way to run your operation. So, if you want to sell limit-free, consider a business account.

Create an eBay business account to sell exercise equipment online.
Source: ebay.com

Understand the Basics of eBay Selling

Before you start uploading your products, it's essential to understand the basics of selling on eBay. Knowing the basics allows you to remain in eBay's good graces while avoiding any bottlenecks in your selling journey.

What are the Types of Listings on eBay?

The initial business model of eBay was only auction-style selling. eBay has since introduced the "Buy it Now" listing where you can sell products at a fixed price.

So as soon as the exercise gear sells, you can ship the order. Similar to how other eCommerce stores work.

How much does it Cost to List Items on eBay?

eBay charges a nominal fee from the sellers. There could be different types of expenses, but the eBay platforms mainly charge a fee on the items listed below.

1. Insertion fees

An Insertion fee is when you pay eBay for uploading your listings. It's a pre-sale fee that eBay charges when you exceed the maximum number of free listings.

As a seller, you'd receive 50 listings free every month. If your listings exceed that number, eBay will charge you 35 cents (USD) for every listed item.

If you opt for a monthly subscription plan, you won't have to pay the full fee.

2. Final Value Price

For every item you sell, eBay takes a percentage out of the sale price. The final value price would depend on the category you'll sell your items under.

For instance, if you list your items under "Sports goods," eBay would be taking 9.35% of your sales price against every item.

And, if you don't list your exercise equipment under any category, the default final values price of eBay is 9.35%.

Optimize Product Descriptions for SEO

One of the most important parts of selling on eBay is listing optimization. When your listings are optimized for SEO, potential buyers can easily find them, which, of course, increases the chances of sales.

The first thing you want to do with your listing is, optimize its description. The trick is to get as detailed as possible about what your exercise equipment offers to the end-user.

As you get more detailed, you provide the eBay platform with enough information to understand what your product delivers.

Use words in your description that your potential buyers would be searching for. Use those keywords wherever possible in the description, but naturally avoid spamming as this will result in a negative experience for the users and will naturally hurt your listings ranking.

How do you find those keywords?

Just do a quick Google search and see the most popular keywords related to your specific products.

Getting exercise equipment keyword ideas by using Google search.
Source: Google.com

Let's say you want to sell "Pull up bars." Your potential customers are m

ost likely searching for more than "Pull up bars."

Put the seed keyword "Pull up bars" into Google and check out the suggestions it provides.

You get a few similar keywords that you can incorporate into your product descriptions to attract the right people.

Alternatively, you can use a free keyword research tool for eBay called "Keyword Tool."

Using the Keyword Tool to find exercise key words for eBay.
Source: keywordtool.io

Write a Detailed and Convincing Description

Also, make sure you include every piece of information a potential buyer may need about a product to make a confident decision.

If some information is missing about a feature, it doesn't matter if you offer that feature or not. Your prospect might alternatively buy the product from a competitor that did list all the product features.

So, educating the prospect about the product is essential to get conversions.

For instance, you are selling a door pull-up bar. The visitor would want to know whether the bar can withstand their weight. So, they'd look for the weight-holding capacity on the bar.

Anticipate what a prospective buyer would naturally ask about the product and include that information in the description.

Let's see how to write convincing eBay descriptions.

  • Avoid errors – Spelling mistakes will make your brand appear unprofessional and make the search engine miss essential words.

  • While your descriptions should be detailed, don't get into unnecessary stuff. Keep it as to the point as possible and highlight the selling points of your exercise equipment.

  • Invite potential customers to discuss anything they want.

  • List the terms and conditions.

  • List your exercise equipment in the correct category – In this case, "Sporting goods."

  • Make your description easily skimmable and highlight important words

Write Human-friendly Keyword-rich Titles

Your product listing title is the first point of contact with a visitor. It should use the exact words the searcher is using, and in the same order too.

However, avoid keyword stuffing. It's never a good idea to stuff your titles or descriptions with keywords.

For instance, if you are selling a resistance band for men, your potential customers might be searching for "Resistance band men." So, it would help if you put these words in the same order in the title to help the algorithm show your results near the top.

Capture Quality Photos of Your Exercise Equipment

Your potential customers would want to see what they are going to buy. So, it's almost imperative that you include clear and original pictures of your exercise equipment.

You don't have to buy a camera to capture quality photos. A decent smartphone camera is enough when starting.

However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

How to take eBay Product Photos?

The most important thing is, you use original photos of your exercise equipment. While you can find stock photos and upload them as your product photos, prospects would easily detect that they are not original.

That could hurt your conversion as people prefer to see original photos of the product they are purchasing.

Capture Your Exercise Equipment with Clear Backgrounds

You don't want a cluttered background to rob the product's spotlight. You can find a wall with plain colored flat paint and place the equipment in front of it.

In a perfect world, you would haul your equipment to a studio with excellent lighting and the space for all sorts of wide shots but for now, play with what you've got available.

Take Pictures from Multiple Angles

Your prospects may want to see your product from multiple angles, so make sure to present your exercise equipment from all possible angles.

Consider snapping several demonstrate pictures so people can see what to expect while the product is in use.

Show the Flaws

If there is a flaw, no matter how tiny, in your product, capture it in a different picture. This will not only minimize the possibility of returns but will also build your trust as a seller.

Upload Your Listings One by One

Take your time to get each listing right. While it can be tempting to upload all your listings at once, upload them one by one crafting each one uniquely. eBay's quick listing tool can help you upload your listings the right way.

Establish Trust with the Buyers

You won't see any shortage of scammers and dishonest sellers on digital platforms these days. So, consumers have become extra careful. This calls for extra care on your part as well.

As a seller, you want your potential buyers to trust you. And, when you establish trust, you're sales will be the first to thank you.

So, what can you do to make prospects feel that you are trustworthy?

Trust is gained via small signals and gestures.

The first thing you should do is fill out all the information about your company, your brand, your listings, and your policies. Uploading a headshot of yourself can be a positive sign as buyers want to see the real you. Remember, people want to buy from people, so don't be afraid to expose yourself.

Another effective strategy to win their trust is uploading positive reviews from your past customers. Customer testimonials can provide the necessary peace of mind to potential customers.

If you have previous reviews, add them to your listing. If you don't, ask you're satisfied c